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a small towel used to dry the hands or face


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Wring out a face towel and wrap it around your neck.
A hapless hotel guest in Nigeria's capital, Abuja, was sentenced to three months in prison for taking a hand and face towel from the local Hilton after she casually admitted it.
He said that so far this year's campaign has topped 8,000 boxes each filled with personal items, including a money belt, tooth brush, shampoo and a face towel.
Its cars need to bow as you approach them, offer you green tea and a hot face towel and replace your shoes with a pair of slippers.
I will remember that the sofa is not a face towel and neither are my Mommy's and Daddy's laps.
Remember, though, that while you have the infection you should not share your face towel with anyone else.
Faith, persistence and stamina are required to wiggle through the crowd to catch a glimpse, take a selfie perhaps, or throw a face towel up to the minders on the carroza, get it wiped on the Holy Face, and thrown back to you as an instant third-class relic.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Turkey Face Towel.
Free Hall of Fame Haircuts, MVP's most popular service, includes client consultation, hot face towel, scalp massage, hair wash, cut and style.
UNFORGETTABLE: Elis with Beyonc's face towel and pass, and onstage with the star
The Serenity Stewards provide everything from a chilled face towel and Evian water atomizers, to a menu of healthy beverages and fare.
The bamboo grows in tropical countries in an environment without pesticides and has natural antibacterial elements ideal for hygienic use: face towel, pounds 4; hand towel, pounds 12; bath towel, pounds 24, and bath sheet, pounds 34.
They will donate at least pounds 1 from a special face towel costing pounds 2.
Which is why millions scramble against the tide of humanity just to get near the statue, touch or kiss it, or even just have a kerchief or face towel swiped over it.
Witnesses told police that one of the suspects used a face towel to conceal his gun before taking it out to shoot Sto.