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work time spent at the location of or in the presence of other people

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The effect that the authors find is largely driven by individuals that face time constraints in the morning and by the use of electronic devices in the evening (not by their use throughout the day).
There is nothing better than face time. In today's social media environment too much personal interaction is by computer or cell phone.
But the first two calls were made the following day and the Face Time call on September 20.
In the examination room with patients, physicians spent 53% of time on direct clinical face time and 37% on EHR and desk work.
Di Matteo has contacted some of the players using Face Time, but Clark had to settle for a good old-fashioned telephone call.
Face time is important, and I'm not talking about the Apple or Skype kind.
"If we do a referendum we will face time constraints, we have no budget," he reiterated.
It is also hoped he'll have face time with extravagant Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud - the world's second richest royal, worth a staggering US$21 billion.
There are references to being able to teach "smarter" with what face time is allowed.
It's just that in this corridor of time known as awards season, "face time" takes on great import for those who have a shot at a nomination.
Business owners found advertising illegal health substances could face time behind bars of no less than three months and no more than three years, with the possibility of the closure of the media outlet in charge of displaying their ad, said one of the draft laws.
For you, face time' doesn't involve a computer screen--just a bunch of close friends hanging out in person!
Shaving is that intimate face time in the morning when you confront the night before and contemplate life, the world and the meaning of everything while nicking your chin.
It also makes hiring much more difficult I'm talking about using technology and actual face time with you and team members to include remote employees on a more regular basis.
We should not simply blame technology and ban it from our children's lives; rather, it is up to us as parents to help our children navigate technology and learn to balance face time and tech time.