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work time spent at the location of or in the presence of other people

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The telephonic call was made through whats app but after investigation it cleared call was made through face time and the call said authoritatively that name of Bilal Rasool, a senior official of SECP be send to apex court so that he may be included in JIT', the letter added.
But the Face Time call had been made accidently from the calls history, he explained.
Facebook) are methods of connection and communication, similar to and different from face time with another.
There are other forms of face time that have become staples for businesses including NTCA.
With all the digital diversions out there, it's hard to pin this on any one thing," says Gilbert, but he believes Americans' growing attachment to social networks, and the increased time they often demand, has clearly begun to displace family face time.
And within days of the new phone's launch, ads were appearing in the States for women willing to strip off and sell Face Time sex.
A WOMAN who made a false rape complaint to police has been warned she could face time behind bars.
This trip reeked of special interests buying face time with key officials and lawmakers.
It should not be paying for trips because these trips provide an opportunity to have one-on-one face time.
It creates that face time for everyone which is so important in having organization.
A lot of face time, so to speak, went into the making of the Joker.
Yes, I'm extremely interested in gay politics and issues and stars, but sometimes it just feels good to see a hot, accomplished athletic chick getting some face time in the media
Many decision makers have built very successful practices using old accounting employment models in which face time is key and 80-hour workweeks standard if people want to advance.
It comes with the territory and your chosen profession, with all of its multi-million dollar contracts, TV face time, admiring fan base, and endorsements.