face the music

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accept the unpleasant consequences of one's actions

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She's already comfortable, her brother-in-law (also) conceded it was much better for her to face the music,' he added.
The 31-year-old, from Grimsby, was part of the Strictly team of professional dancers last year but was not teamed up with a celebrity due to her commitments with Face The Music.
Face the Music is a 10-disc retrospective box set of his 45 years of recording, selected by Lofgren himself, comprises 169 tracks, stretching back to his early work with his Washington DC-area band Grin, which he founded at the age of 17 in 1968, and surveying both his major-label solo albums and independent self-released music.
We used to go to a pub or restaurant or nightclub because I felt I had to face the music.
Nadine Dorries arriving in Britain yesterday to face the music after her appearance on I'm A Celebrity.
While Thomas wrestles with his attraction to Kirby (Kirby Bliss Blanton), events gradually spiral out of control, and the police are called, leaving all three lads to face the music in the cold light of the morning.
Former France international Platini said: "If a club doesn't fall in line and follow the same rules as everyone else then it will be time to face the music.
If their explanation is not satisfactory, the employer will face the music," said DCP ( west) V.
Maybe he can give a few quid to Adrian Mutu after the CAS told him to face the music and cough up pounds 14m to Chelsea.
Making his return at Augusta will afford him more protection from the media than the vast majority of other tournaments, but Palmer believes Woods should face the music.
Summary: She flew to LA after the Brit Awards, but Cheryl Cole is returning to face the music.
Government is facing daunting task to control inflation thus have to face the Music.
He says MPs live on "rations" and rather than face the music he jets off to Bali.
It seems it's time for more people to face the music about cutting sodium.
However, after the pair stand firm and face the music, Donna may have found the proof they need to remain free.