face saving

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an act that avoids a loss of face (of dignity or prestige)

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FIRST-TIME buyers in Wales face saving for more than 12 years to raise a deposit, a survey has found.
The aim of the research is to define face saving strategies and tactics in Modern English discourse and to reveal their realization during communication; the method used is discourse analysis (Gee 1999; [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Dear Editor, One can never be sure whether Gisela Stuart's reaction to Labour's failure to set in motion its manifesto promise and hold a referendum on the EU Constitution is a face saving operation or just blatant opportunism (PM: Dishonest, indecisive and lacking strategy, Post Oct 16).
Otherwise, all the valuable time spent on clever marketing will have amounted to little more than a lengthy exercise in face saving.
It critically examines the cultural barriers language (dialects and the role of interpreters), fatalism, shame and face saving, sexual norms and roles, death and dying beliefs, family structure, and self-care practices, as they impact HIV prevention and services.
The demise of the Republican Party is imminent and beyond face saving.
Now for face saving, they have decided to crush farmer community and to sell their land leased by govt for last 63 years.
These people are now criticizing the operation for mere face saving.
Amid fevered reports of face saving deals, speculation was growing that the autocratic president was on the verge of stepping down.