face recognition

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biometric identification by scanning a person's face and matching it against a library of known faces

the visual perception of familiar faces

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that face recognition features can be turned off at any time, although the
Panasonic will continue to improve its security-related products and provide various solutions to meet increasingly diversifying and evolving customer needs, such as face recognition solutions for integrated management with a monitoring system.
Expert Aspect of the Forensic Face Recognition Examiner 26
The face recognition has certain advantages such as being natural and passive as opposed to other biometric techniques demanding cooperative subjects, such as fingerprint or iris recognition.
In face recognition, the human facial feature plays a vital role and the research studies have proved that eyes, mouth and nose are the most noteworthy features for recognition [HDE 86].
Key words: Face Detection Face Recognition Eigen Faces Hybrid method PDA.
The Innovative Achievement in the Access Control category went to Suprema for its innovative face recognition access control terminal, FaceStation.
We now assume that areas in the brain which are involved in voice and face recognition interact directly and influence each other," says Helen Blank, a member of von Kriegstein's research group.
Washington, Sept 9 (ANI): Researchers have discovered that there is a direct structural connection consisting of fibre pathways between voice and face recognition areas in the human brain.
Automated face recognition aims at exploiting face images to identify human subjects.
com)-- Manual security guards are inefficient to offer 100% security at premises therefore establishment of the biometric face recognition system emerged.
airports will test biometric face recognition technology Some U.
Titanium Group Limited (BULLETIN BOARD: TTNUF), a leading biometric and security solutions provider featuring proprietary and patented Automated Face Recognition Systems (AFRS), has been awarded a patent in Mainland China for an innovative auto-tracking face recognition device.
completed its "Face Recognition Vendor Test 2006," the latest in a series of large-scale independent evaluations for face recognition systems.