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mask that provides a protective covering for the face in such sports as baseball or football or hockey

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Cimatu said the face masks will help protect affected residents from inhaling potentially toxic ash spewed out of the volcano.
Mariglo Sese, Regional Operations chief of TESDA Region 5, said that the face masks training will begin on Monday, January 29, with five training sessions to be conducted at the evacuation centers at San Francisco Elementary Schools (SFES) and Malilipot Elementary School (MES).
said the local government was in dire need of face masks, which it would distribute to residents.
Even if face masks are not among the prime commodities, they are important to the health of those affected by the ash fall.
Inside is a pair of face masks, one for "before the party", one for after it.
On this occasion, Dr Sohail Saqlain said that hospital administration was distributing awareness literature and face masks among the attendants of the patients.
Our Pretty Animalz face masks are a hit, with printed animal designs that women like to post to social media," he added.
The Face Shop Little Mermaid, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty face masks, PS7 each, thisisbeautymart.
In the trial on 83 patients, half of whom received masks and the other helmets, the performance of helmet ventilation was so impressive compared to traditional face masks that the oversight board decided to stop the trial so all patients can benefit from the helmet-based ventilation.
While this advancement in sports face masks isn't a giant leap forward, it is a success for the industry to hang its hat on.
Technavio's analysts forecast the global anesthesia face masks market to grow at a CAGR of 3.
Halyard Health, formerly Kimberly-Clark Health Care, a global medical technology company focused on preventing infection, eliminating pain and speeding recovery, announced the addition of four new Halyard Fluidshield ASTM-rated specialty surgical face masks to its product portfolio.
Crosstex/SPSmedical recognizes that protection, comfort and fit are the most important roles for face masks in today's healthcare market.
Supply of equipment for operation and maintenance of respiratory protective equipment Part A: Ultrasonic cleaner to wash face masks - 1 pcs.
Developed by leading scientists, the face masks are tailored to different skin care needs in single-serve capsules and feature innovative natural oil dispersion technology.