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plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face

a renovation that improves the outward appearance (as of a building) but usually does not involve major changes

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However, she told the publication that she still feels she "desperately" needs more done, and would consider neck surgery to get rid of "loose skin" and a face lift.
For instance, DermaSilk's Night Repairing Face Lift delivers five key antiaging ingredients to reverse the effects of aging while the user sleeps.
"Being able to see the structure under the skin in face lift surgery has helped me sketch and paint my own face.
NON-SURGICAL face lifts can now be performed in the comfort of your own home with the Ultratone Facial Plus.
Pauline's husband, Paul, bought her the course of face lifts as a Christmas present: ``I am hoping it will get rid of all of my fine lines.
The image of charter schools as free-form, grassroots alternatives to public schools is getting a face lift, thanks to Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown.
“We are proud to offer woman an instant face lift that they can achieve in their own home by using our Time Avenger Face Masque.”
BERNARD HOPKINS has promised to give Joe Calzaghe a face lift if he dares to get into the ring with him.
``As the Vectra gets its face lift we will be building that in balance on the tracks here.''
But it makes me respect Anne Robinson who HAS undergone a face lift and whose husband lay beside her nightly,quietly praying for his wife back instead of the post-face-lift mess that shebecame.
Aston, one of the world's leading plastic surgeons, to undergo extensive face lift surgery in New York.
Realizing that high-performance skin care products are in short supply at most retail outlets, the company has also launched Face Lift, a line whose name was inspired by the results it produces.