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face mask consisting of a strong wire mesh on the front of football helmets

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The Foley catheter was tied to the face guard of the helmet under traction (figure), with the anterior nasal pack remaining in place, as well.
Beauchemin skated Wednesday with a football-style face guard attached to his helmet.
Also if Envirocall were as safety-conscious as it leads us to believe, they would set a good example if they had told the tree surgeon pictured in the article to wear his face guard down, thus protecting his face when leaning into the tree, instead of leaving it up.
Wearing a face guard protects the orbit bone that goes around your eye and the nasal bone in your nose.
I have been looking for an athletic-like helmet with a face guard for her to wear during fine motor work, but most are cumbersome and block her vision.
Precision-molded to provide the ultimate fit with a high-quality finish, and featuring an ultra-clear, scratch resistant screen and face guard, the iSkin eVo3 Classic delivers maximum protection WITHOUT the bulk and "heaviness" that iPod fans famously dislike.
Cliff Hodge scored 18 points and Jared Dillinger 15 for the Bolts, who couldn't get Allen Durham to contribute even near his average of 34 points after playing with a face guard to protect an injured nose.
He was struck by a ball on the face guard and was left with a nasty eye injury that ruled him out.
Just listing off the features Burke has built into its Southerly jacket seems to transport you to a cold, wet night of offshore racing: two-way storm flap with drainage channel, extended face guard, fleece-lined hand warmer pockets (chest and tummy), high visibility adjustable peaked hood with drainage gutter, reflective tape, Buoyancy loops, fast draining PLB pocket .
His nose is broken but he is determined to play at Nottingham with a full face guard.
A personal flotation device and helmet with a face guard are required.
From what coach has said, they might double team when I get in the post, and they might face guard," Durant said.
The Youth baseball helmet is one size fits all, with an optional face guard.
Having scored 14, he attempted to hook Irfan Pathan without getting outside the line of the delivery and top-edged it into the gap above his face guard and received a nasty gash above his eye, later confirmed as a fracture.
I buy him a cricket helmet, complete with face guard, a set of whites which turn out to be creams, a V-necked sweater which is also cream, and a bag nearly as big as the son to put them all in.