face fungus

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Tinea Faciei (Face Fungus) was most prevalent (%43.8) among students; whereas the Unemployed individuals (%32), Housewives (%12.5), Self-employed (%3), Employees and Farmers, Militaries and Drivers, Workers and Ranchers got the successive ranks in the classification of disease risk frequency occurrence.
The TV quack, adept at examining face fungus and genital aberrations on Embarrassing Bodies, is famous for two things: his chiselled bod and his floppy, blond hair.
Not your Noel Edmonds-type of shrubbery, but a lot of young band members and arty types are wearing big, unkept examples of face fungus.
But the Wales International, who has had a baby with Charlotte, 21, may get kicked into touch by the razor giantsdueto hisnewly flourishing face fungus.