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a cream used cosmetically (mostly by women) for softening and cleaning the skin

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To celebrate the changing seasons Space NK have given us five bottles of their SheerinOkho outdoor meetings, summertime face cream worth pounds 63 each to give away to five lucky readers.
A prison spokesman said: "To be honest other than the trips to the doctor, and the request for face creams, he gives us no trouble.
JOAN Collins is soon to launch her own budget beauty products after claiming women are conned into buying expensive face creams that don't work.
For more information about "Ultra C Face Cream," contact Reviva Labs, Haddonfield NJ at 800-257-7774 or visit their website: www.
The 51-year-old said: "I buy simple face wash and I use simple face cream and that is all I do.
Thieves in the Midlands stole thousands of jars of Time Bomb, a face cream endorsed by Lulu.
Some people are coming in and are convinced that it is actually a face cream but they've gone away quite red-faced when we actually told them what it was for," she explained.
50) at Clarins, a sample of the rich face cream Dear John at BeneFit, a sample of Hand Cream at Sisley and a try of Vitamin Enriched Face Base at Bobbi Brown.
expects to launch an anti aging cosmetic face cream in 2005 and enter into a strategic alliance with a major pharmaceutical company in 2006 for the development of a drug to treat the accelerated aging diseases associated with diabetes and elevated 3DG levels, such as heart and kidney disease, neuropathy and blindness.
But the cream would never have come into existence if Jim's late wife had not noticed a traditional recipe for face cream in a book written by famous 20th century psychic Edgar Cayce.
My comments on Jane Fonda's ad for face cream sparked much merriment in this week's mailbag.
We are very excited to combine GeneLink's scientific resources with Arch Personal Care Products' expertise enabling us to offer this remarkable new technology to manufacturers that will ultimately bring skin and face cream products to a ready marketplace.
The latest addition to the line is Vitamin H Face Cream, pounds 55, which promises to plump up ageing skin.
GeneLink settled the lawsuit it filed against LAB21 in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey whereby the Court issued a Preliminary Injunction enjoining LAB21 from using any confidential information it learned from GeneLink during a collaborative effort to test market a DNA face cream based on GeneLink's Proprietary SNP profiling methodology.