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bath linen consisting of a piece of cloth used to wash the face and body

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Sudarium is Latin for "face cloth." The cloth or kerchief has been known historically as the Sudarium Domini ("face cloth of God") and has always been associated with Jesus.
Blue Wonder also makes a face cloth that needs no soap or lotions just warm water will clean the skin right down to the pores.
The best ear cleaning advice is to clean only areas that can be reached with a face cloth. Areas that can't be reached don't need to be cleaned.
One tried and true method is to wet your wrists and other pulse points with cold water, and then keep those spots cool by holding an ice cube wrapped in a face cloth against them.
Apply and allow to dry before wiping off with a damp face cloth.
All of the patches are easily applied and removed, without making a mess, requiring a face cloth or leaving a line of clay in the hair, like some masks do.
I don't use soap on my face - I use one of those soap-free gels instead and I always dry it with a clean face cloth.
The Martex Ultra Spa collection, being sold to department and specialty stores, consists of six coordinated SKUs -- a face cloth, a face chamois, a salon towel, a shower mitt and men's and women's body wraps -- each constructed of a polyester/nylon microfiber blend for a soft hand.
I now carry my own shopping bags, refill a water bottle, say "no" to plastic stirrers and straws and have switched to a bamboo toothbrush and face cloth.
Offers available while stocks last which contains shower gel, shampoo and a face cloth, is just the ticket.
What I had requested was a tub of moisturising cream and a face cloth.
Cotton face cloths, PS4.99; pure cotton towels: hand towel, PS3.99; bath towel, PS7.99; bath sheet, PS11.99; blue cotton towels: face cloths, PS4.99 each; hand towel, PS3.99; bath towel, PS7.99; bath sheet, PS11.99; turquoise cotton towels: face cloth, PS4.99; hand towels, PS3.99; bath towel, PS7.99; bath sheet, PS11.99; oversized spot towels: hand towel, PS4.99; bath towel, PS9.99; bath sheet, PS14.99; microfibre bath mat, PS11.99 for two; Santorini baskets, PS20 for 2; faceted resin soap dish, PS6; faceted resin tumbler, PS8.
The Sunday People told two weeks ago how Sean, of Warminster, Wilts, was left so dehydrated after surgery that he sucked water from his face cloth.
There's some primal satisfaction in just swatting at them with a rolled-up, wet face cloth, or you could go a little more high-tech and vacuum them up right out of the air.
Face cloth PS1.50, Clerkenwell bottle PS15, both www.