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Synonyms for fabricator

one who makes a fraudulent copy of something

Synonyms for fabricator

someone who tells lies

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Moreover, an artist's or fabricator's intuitive relationship to his materials is not that of a conservator.
Plastic's designs allow a fabricator the ability to manufacture to particular geographic specifications using the fully interchangeable profiles.
Alaska Petroleum Contractors is the largest among fabricators creating these immense transportable facilities.
Kevin Moore of Original Glass Designs, in San Jose, one of the top glass fabricators in Northern California, offers this bit of shopping advice: "It is less expensive to combine straight sides with the most common edges - flat, pencil polish, or standard bevel.
This deal follows AIG's recent acquisition of Innovative Glass of America, a North Carolina based glass fabricator and distributor, and the opening of a new fabrication facility in Birmingham, AL in August.
Then the fabricator begins drilling holes for the central layer, guided by CAD files provided by the designer.
RSW is the first countertop fabricator in Ohio to be accredited by the Marble Institute of America (MIA) and is a member of the Artisan Group, an elite member organization of stone fabricators in North America.
Maybe it's because I'm getting older, or maybe because we North American fabricators are truly just a shadow of what we were a few years ago, but whatever the reason maybe we can help you EMS guys avoid the mistake we fabricators made.
The Tweco Fabricator 141i uses advanced technology that provides many benefits compared to older conventional MIG-only welders, product engineers contend, including multi-process welding output, allowing users to select among MIG, Stick, or TIG, based on the best process for a particular project or application; easy-to-use features and arc performance helping beginners learn to weld like a pro; portability, weighing just under 33 lbs.; and, high duty cycle, allowing users to weld longer on thicker material.
An authorised fabricator for Installux System, France, and Balexco, Bahrain, Oryx provides services such as curtainwall glazing and aluminium composite cladding.
What was once the world's largest fabricator now has only two PCB manufacturing plants in North America: Owego, NY, and San Jose.
But the past few years have been extraordinarily rough for the designer and the fabricator. The paradigm that served us all well for decades shifted.
KMS Contracting, a metal fabricator, will build a 5,000-s/f facility on a site adjacent to the Brass Masters site on Sackman.
Keeping in mind the length and width of the flanges, the fabricator orders steel plate in multiples of the flange width for later welding and cutting.
Where steel runs the risk of corrosion, then there is stainless steel or lighter aluminum, and someone has to form that steel or aluminum; that is where a steel fabricator comes in.
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