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  • verb

Synonyms for fabricate

Synonyms for fabricate

to use ingenuity in making, developing, or achieving

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

to impart a false character to (something) by alteration

Synonyms for fabricate

put together out of artificial or natural components or parts

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Researchers at the Nanoscience Center (NSC) of the University of JyvEnskylEn and BioMediTech (BMT) of the University of Tampere have now demonstrated a method to fabricate electronic devices by using DNA.
Complementary metal shadow masks (Towne Technologies) were used to fabricate the thermopile structure.
How to Fabricate Automotive Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber Parts is a 'must have' for any collection catering to automotive readers.
The RapidX250 laser micromachining system was developed for universities and corporate research to fabricate microfiuidics, MEMs, and medical devices in a rapid prototype fashion with tolerances approaching 1.0 micron.
The anti-narcotics police's informant handed us a written confession that anti-narcotics police officers coerced him and forced him to fabricate this case against my client.
Doban, AIA, president of Susan Doban Architect, PC, is pleased to announce she is renaming her firm Doban Architecture, and has added a multidisciplinary design studio, Think Fabricate, LLC.
If the tooth is in relatively good shape a pre-operative bite registration can be used with acrylic or bis-acryl to fabricate the provisional, but if the tooth has already been prepared for a crown or badly broken down then a preoperative registration is of little use.
Munchausen's syndrome is a factitious illness in which patients fabricate medical problems in order to receive medical attention.
"If they're going to fabricate, then they need to be fairly consistent in the way they're fabricating," says Gary Truhlar, executive director of HR at UPenn.
Tokyo, Japan, Oct 21, 2005 - (JCN Newswire) - AIST has announced a technique to fabricate radio frequency (RF) ID tags entirely by printing.
Urgent gains another edge when it is time to fabricate the tool.
The steps to fabricate and assemble the microreactive elements will be described in this section, beginning with the fabrication of the silicon template.
IBM is the first to fabricate transistors using ultra-thin SSDOI structures that bypass this SiGe layer, thereby providing high electron mobility while eliminating material and process integration problems.
They were accused of exhibiting symptoms of a bizarre psychiatric ailment called Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) that led them to fabricate the girls' illnesses to fulfill their own needs for attention and sympathy.