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Synonyms for fab

Synonyms for fab

extremely pleasing


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Other members of the Fab Force program include TF1, Total, and Geopost.
Reportedly, Fab 6 will be dedicated to production of BiCS FLASH, Toshiba's innovative 3D Flash memory1.
A Fab Lab is typically overseen by people who know how to use the machines and can help users think through project ideas, create prototypes and then make final products, according to David Richardson, chairman of the United States Fab Lab Network.
It turned out that Fab had torn his Achilles tendon and he's undergone an operation that will keep him out for the rest of the campaign.
The network comprises more than 200 Fab Labs worldwide and with this initiative Bahrain will become the third Arab country to join this network launched and supervised by MIT since 2005.
Fab labs are also used by science, technology, education, and math educators to give students hands-on experiences with the principles and technology they are learning in classes.
The proposed FAB will create direct employment for about 22,000 people and indirect employment of about one lakh others, government stated.
At a Fab Lab in Afghanistan, people are fashioning customised prosthetic limbs, while shepherds in Norway have used their Fab Lab to create a system for tracking sheep using their mobile phones.
Webber was once the crown jewel of Michigan's famed Fab Five, a collection of five freshmen players who seemed destined to lead the Wolverines to college basketball immortality.
FAB will now become a division of the purchasera[euro](tm)s wholly-owned Pacific Premier Bank, adding around USD375.7m in assets and about USD319.8m in deposits.
The alkaline phosphatase- (AP-) conjugated antihuman Fab severed as the secondary antibody.
With guidance and expertise from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Mahtomedi School District is operating one of the nation's first public school fabrication laboratories, or Fab Labs, joining over 140 operating in universities and businesses worldwide, and hundreds more in the planning stages.
(TSMC) has recently broken ground to build phase-six fab module of its Fab 14, which is located at the Southern Taiwan Science Park in southern Taiwan.
NA body also asked PTA and Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) to brief the committee charges for renewal of contracts for allocation of frequencies and use of collected revenue as well as details of funds released to Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) in last ten years.