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a form of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain that registers blood flow to functioning areas of the brain

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Researchers compared hundreds of fMRI scans taken milliseconds apart.
Inspired by the multivariate graphical models based on Bayesian networks, which has been shown to be robust and reliable in estimating functional interactions and less sensitive to noise in the fMRI signals [28-30], recently, several Bayesian-inference-based methods were proposed to infer global functional interactions within brain networks and their temporal transition boundaries [31-36].
In the fMRI scans of those who went on to have another episode of depression, there was a higher connectedness between two parts of the brain that have been previously linked to guilt,the anterior temporal lobe and the subgenual region, according to the study.
fMRI measures brain activity by detecting the blood-oxygen-level--dependent (BOLD) contrast related to neural activity.
It would be fascinating to scan the brains of other animals such as wolves or cats, Andics says, but coaxing those animals to lie still for an fMRI scan is a long shot.
The most commonly used fMRI tasks for neurosurgical planning are tactile, motor, language and visual.
The fMRI data comes from an exploratory double-blind crossover study of 17 women who were given either Lyrica (150-450 mg/day) or a placebo for 14 days, then, after a washout period, crossed over to the opposite group.
Sommer and her associates had hoped that guiding TMS via fMRI would make the treatment more effective.
Pain metrics use a pain intensity scale to assess an individual's subjective experience, and the responses are then correlated with fMRI scans, which provide pictures of changes in brain activity.
It now seems clear that fMRI pattern analysis in humans can provide a new tool for capturing neural representations only previously detected with invasive electrode recordings in monkeys," the researchers write.
However, fMRI scans are expensive and often unavailable, and can produce confusing results.
An fMRI looks at how a particular abnormality relates to the rest of the body - how it functions (f).