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Synonyms for eyrie

the lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle)

any habitation at a high altitude

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Generally, a female would leave the eyrie appearing to look for an intruder, presumably another female, to defend her territory and drive the intruder away.
Most Aberdeenshire eagles will lay their two eggs in the last week in March in an eyrie on a rocky crag, or more occasionally in a tree, usually a Scots pine.
Peregrines hatched at New York eyries have nested as far east as Massachusetts, as far west as Wisconsin, and as far south as Maryland and Washington, D.
We don't want to give the impression we are spying on people, but we want it known that anyone approaching the eyries will be picked up.
Very well informed about design, they have, one by one, bought these shells and created individual Modernist eyries, either on their own or with the help of architects.
Only 25% of mergers or acquisitions produce value," claims Philippe Eyries, CEO at Paris Bourse-listed software testing vendor, Cyrano Solution.
given protection under Scots law and has had four golden eagle eyries built in locations where the birds used to breed.
Peregrines build their nests, or eyries, on cliff-ledges, quarry faces, crags and sea-cliffs, where young are protected from predators.
Maybe it was the price of eyries in Berkshire that put her off.
As part of the celebrations, bird watchers will be able to see the ospreys at home in their eyries - or nests - and via CCTV at four sites.
The RSPB said in recent years they have received several reports of incidents involving the use of tethered pigeons laced with highly toxic pesticides being staked close to active peregrine falcon eyries.
As ordinary MPs again, Glenda Jackson and the splendid Peter Kilfoyle have found themselves in remote eyries overlooking a building site.
Projections and indentations of the plan at upper and lower levels have produced a fragment of a colonnade on the ground floor and first floor terraces like eyries.
6m in revenues for fiscal 1998, 40% came from Cyrano Test, its Y2K testing tool and the addition of Wincap should increase this figure to 50%, according to Phillipe Eyries, CIO at Cyrano.