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Synonyms for eyrie

the lofty nest of a bird of prey (such as a hawk or eagle)

any habitation at a high altitude

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A waterlogged Eyrie pitch forced the referee to call off last night's action so the fixture has been rearranged for 7.
Elsewhere, softly spoken Simon King is on Islay with his vampire smile and scoop cap, chasing courting chuffs and magnificent golden eagles and struggling to get shots inside their eyrie.
One of the two Lake District osprey chicks took its first flight from its pine tree eyrie yesterday.
And from our rooftop eyrie we could view the ruins of what was, only a couple of weeks ago, the Moat House hotel and the progress on the neighbouring Chavasse Park development.
But feathers will fly when her English mate finds his eyrie at Wythop Wood, near Bassenthwaite Lake in Cumbria, is at the centre of a love triangle.
Utzon's eyrie is a surprise, set within a surprise.
The Nuneaton chief admitted his performance at Coventry Golf Club produced slightly more quality and finesse than his team's indifferent efforts at The Eyrie, where The Eagles swooped with two second-half goals to cancel out the solitary strike before the break from Chris Dillon.
In a tree-top eyrie overlooking the lake, the pair courted, built their nest, laid eggs and raised a youngster.
Birmingham's trippy electro-popsters climaxed their epic slog of a tour on home ground, turning The Sanctuary's top-floor room into a crammed eyrie.
Now 87 he presented his wartime trophy from Hitler's eyrie.
This prompted Prof John Ashton, North West director of Public Health, to reminisce with Mr Brocklebank about visiting Ray O'Brien, former chief executive of Merseyside County Council, in his Metro Tower eyrie.
LEAMINGTON once again proved they have the necessary quality to do well in the Zamaretto Premier Division as they disposed of Bedford Town 2-0 at the New Eyrie Stadium.
They said the skull of the prehistoric three-year-old fell out of an eagle's eyrie after being eaten two million years ago.
So he carefully made his way down from his eyrie, gave - not sold - his ticket away and watched the match on the telly in the Admiral Nelson.
IT WAS another draw from another dogged Valley away performance, with sub David Kolodynski earning his side a point with his 72nd minute equaliser at the Eagles' New Eyrie ground.