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Synonyms for eyewitness

someone who sees something occur

Words related to eyewitness

a spectator who can describe what happened

be present at an event and see it with one's own eyes

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Before the grand jury that indicted Frank Tegoseak for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license and at his subsequent trial, an eyewitness testified as to his impaired driving.
We have a body in a restaurant and three eyewitnesses who saw everything that happened.
Eyewitnesses said that gunfire continues between security forces and attackers and the area has been cordoned off by police, Tolonews reported.
Eyewitness said it hopes to amplify Watchdog's security offering by extending Eyewitness's additional resources to Watchdog customers.
USA Network canceled "Eyewitness" after one season last month.
The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts has long recognized the fallibility of eyewitness identification evidence as "the primary cause of erroneous convictions," and has relied upon research demonstrating its infirmities.
Eyewitnesses did not identify the accused before the court.
The eyewitness alleged that the station took delivery of gas from a tanker into its storag tank earlier this morning.
'The tanker, which was fully loaded with petrol, collided with another truck that was carrying bottled water along Gombe southern bypass,' the eyewitness said.
According to eyewitness' account, the lady could no longer stand the alleged violent act of suspect Dolo, compelling her to begin to defend herself against his aggression.
Special public prosecutor Sajjid Mehboob Shaikh produced the important eyewitness of the case before the court.
and Victim's counsel reiterates demand for judicial commissionand Courtinformed JIT did not record eyewitness statementsLAHORE:The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday ordered a judicial inquiry by a local magistrate in the Sahiwal encounter' case.
Eyewitness to the Assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand.
Another eyewitness held the organising committee and administration guilty for the incident.