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lotion consisting of a solution used as a cleanser for the eyes

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Best practice--Order sufficient quantities of eyewash bottle (NSN 6515-01-393-0728 or NIN 00-960-2326).
The bonuses mentioned in their documents are eyewash. It is one's own premiums paid back to one.
Or "nonsense": eyewash, poppycock, claptrap, drivel, gibberish, gobbledegook, rot, hogwash, flapdoodle, bosh, bunkum, hokum, bilge, balderdash, twaddle, tommyrot, rubbish, garbage, pishtosh, humbug, and fiddle-laddie.
plastic, she fakes eyewash to simulate irony, he bounces on approach for
Labour has spent thousands publishing their shameful glossy eyewash in a ward where the Labour has held massive majorities over the last few elections.The Conservatives in Huddersfield have not a tenth of the resources available to these so-called sons and daughters of toil but we more than make up for it by keeping to the issues and taking the fight to them through the use of argument and discussion.
In films like Recreation (1956-57) and Eyewash (1959), Breer intercut shots of household objects with bright, abstract patterns arranged contrapuntally.
The virtual trade show showcases exhibitors of various safety supply equipment for manufacturing, construction, masonry, mining, laboratory, power plant, MRO and other applications such as knee, hearing, head & hand protection, ear plugs, lockout devices, identification products, eyewear, protective clothing, safety storage systems, first aid supplies, eyewash fountains, security, alarms, warning signs, ergonomics, emergency preparedness, steel toe boots & other foot protection as well as respiratory, spill control supplies, safety training videos and allied products.
The working group with representatives of 5 parliamentary faction is created as eyewash, as there are forces who artificially protract creation of the parliamentary coalition, Ata Jurt faction leader Kamchibek Tashiev said.Tashiev told AKIpress Respublika has not made any official proposals yet.
2 Corinthians 4,4 IT'S sometimes argued that Christianity is eyewash, and so indeed it is - it washes out eyes and makes us able to see.
Problem: Some commands are not maintaining eyewash stations.
A1C Cook worked tirelessly to reduce the risk of personal and environmental injury by identifying the need for procuring and installing a hazardous waste area response kit, two eyewash stations, and a fuel spill kit.
The excess storage also blocked exit paths and emergency eyewash stations.
I was never offered eyewash when the smoke made my eyes run, or dry cleaning to get rid of the smell.
These symptoms, however, eased in a matter of hours, after the victims had used an eyewash station in nearby sickbay, discarded fuel-soaked clothing and equipment, and showered.