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something very ugly and offensive

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Adam Yates The car park was an eyesore and I never liked using it as it just smelt of pee.
The town has enough eyesores without this one on the main road.
The merit of this new technology is that it is not an eyesore.
No matter what your views are, you can't deny that in this scenario, front-ofhouse stored wheelie bins area 24/7 year-on-year absolute eyesore.
Tim Dillon, prosecuting for Flintshire County Council, said the authority had been trying to get something done about the eyesore since 2004.
I sympathise with the writer of "A Permanent Carbuncle" (GDN, September 25), the eyesore called Marina West.
SIR - I see that the Celtic Manor Resort has been having a great deal of trouble over that eyesore of a listed building in front of their clubhouse.
RESIDENTS fear pounds 18m seaside flats planned by Premier League manager Harry Redknapp will become an eyesore.
However, since its closure a decade ago, the property and its structures have deteriorated into a terrible eyesore and unsafe environment for the surrounding community.
The old Fletcher's Walk in the city is becoming an eyesore too.
Donna McCurry: "An unnecessary eyesore in my opinion.
It closed more than three decades ago and has been an eyesore for many years.
I do not see the heap as an eyesore but a cracking memorial
Perhaps this council would show the same interest in another eyesore in the form of that part of Ridgacre Road West between Spies Lane and Meadow Road, Quinton.