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the range of the eye


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Boras and his relatives are among some 100,000 Syrians, mostly Kurds, who have flooded into Turkey since Thursday, escaping an Islamic State offensive that has pushed the conflict nearly within eyeshot of the Turkish border.
The four continue together toward the irresistibly sexualized landmark like pilgrims toward some phallic shrine; they eventually drift into new couple formations as they break off and are no longer within eyeshot of each other.
Lying on the border of Tibet and Nepal within eyeshot of Mount Everest, Cho Oyu was first climbed 60 years ago.
She has been published in Copperwood Review, Eyeshot, the Puget Sound Paper, and has presented at academic conferences.
While differentiation is an indisputable mandate before all retailers, the stakes are more-so/then-some with a 24/7 Walmart Supercenter situated within immediate eyeshot of the parking lot.
DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan 25 (KUNA) -- Within eyeshot of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Greenpeace Switzerland and the Berne Declaration (BD) presented on Thursday the Public Eye Awards, thus denouncing particularly glaring cases of companies' greed for profit and environmental sins.
The train always got into town just after noon, so she'd be within eyeshot by I P.
A million trees within eyeshot, cool, secretive streams.
The strangers who were seated within eyeshot of a phone felt less close and reported a lower quality of relationships with their partner, than those who were placed in an environment without a phone in the background.
Ritchie lived within eyeshot of the cliffs, and for years, took part in the various search and rescue operations there to retrieve jumpers' bodies.
BDO-Bahrain senior consultant Manaf Almuhandis works within eyeshot of the shopping centre.
A walkway would also be established allowing people to stretch their legs in eyeshot of the historic landmark and the sea.
Exasperated American officials now had to deal with impressments taking place within eyeshot of the American shore; in a heated atmosphere of public howls for protecting American sailors and liberating them from the Royal Navy.