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makeup consisting of a cosmetic substance used to darken the eyes

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Metallic and glitter eyeshadow With party season just around the corner, it's no surprise glitter will play a leading role in both our wardrobes and make-up bags.
Eyeshadow primer is one of the most underrated beauty essentials of the make up world, and we've rounded up the best primers to help keep your lids looking fabulous all day long.
Stila After Hours PS48, stila.co.uk Our verdict: The metallic eyeshadows somehow manage to be both glittery and velvety, in a way we've never seen before.
OUR VERDICT: If you've fancied playing around with some daring eyeshadow shades, then this is the perfect introductory palette.
That meant baby pink beehives complemented with a soft wash of eyeshadow on the eyes.
Marc Jacobs: Pastel power Marc Jacobs Beauty O!Mega Shadow Gel Powder Eyeshadow in O!Mercy, PS22, Harvey Nichols Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner, PS20, Harvey Nichols
The kit also has the Angled Eye and Brow Liner Brush to create sharp, precise lines, as well as the Eyeshadow Brush for effortless pigment buffing and blending in the crease of the eye.
Zoeva Eye See Brush Set, PS49 A splurge, but these premium-quality brushes aren't just pretty, they're all really useful for getting the perfect eyeshadow and eyeliner application.
We used this shade from Maybelline The Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette.
In documents, the company claims it has its own 'Born to Sparkle' collection but Jenner started making a Born to Sparkle eyeshadow with similar colours and packaging.
And if the eyes are the windows to the soul then eyeshadow is the swirling dramatic drapes.
My favorites are Mary-Lou Manizer (a highlighter, eyeshadow and shimmer) and the Instain blushes.
The makeup products that you require to create this look are glitter dust, purple and pink eyeshadow, purple eyeliner, colored hairspray and a Styrofoam cone.
* Apply pale eyeshadow. Light colour can enhance the size and shape the eyes.