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combination of lenses at the viewing end of optical instruments

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While the new spotting scope comes with a variable 20-60X eyepiece, a fixed 30X eyepiece is also available.
Just as some telescope designs provide discernibly superior visual views of solar system targets, so do certain eyepiece types.
Ken Anderson (co-founder and CEO) claims the HoloMirror technology is the perfect solution for a transparent eyepiece that combines the view of the outside world with a computer display.
For youngsters, one of the most difficult parts of using a telescope is realizing that they need to look through the eyepiece rather than at the eyepiece.
The director continued his programme of measuring double stars using a 6-inch refractor and an Astrometric eyepiece.
Members should be aware that there is a problem with using standard camera lenses from the 1950s to the 1970s as eyepieces, as many contain radioactive thorium.
Available with 85mm or 65mm lenses for a wider field of view--and both models come complete with an EDG zoom eyepiece, and are compatible with a new series of interchangeable EDG fixed power eyepieces for custom viewing.
The MiniVid Camera is an all-in-one eyepiece camera that easily attaches to any brand of microscope for instant video micrography and provides crisp, clear images in an instant.
Minox's DCM (Digital Camera Module) combines a digital camera, video recorder, monitor and eyepiece into a compact unit.
An excellent choice for any burgeoning explorer, it's equipped with a rotating eyepiece turret holding 25-, 15-, and 6-mm eyepieces, along with a removable 18-mm image erecting eyepiece and a power-doubling Barlow lens, giving eight magnification powers to select from.
introduces its new model AME-5M 10X Angel Measuring Eyepiece for microscopes.
They do get something similar there--the reward is incredible when something comes into your field of view; you fall off the ladder looking into the eyepiece.
High-resolution stereo images can be achieved without experiencing the eye, neck and back strain associated with using eyepiece microscopes.
And the system's easy-to-handle design replaces the traditional eyepiece assembly with a "snap-in" coupling mechanism between the telescope and camera head.