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Synonyms for eyelid

either of two folds of skin that can be moved to cover or open the eye

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Then she ventured to open her eyelids, and glance over her extended arm.
Agnes saw that look; saw the eyelids of the living woman open slowly like the eyelids of the dead; saw her rise, as if in obedience to some silent command--and saw no more.
The men gathered round him, as he began to play `My Old Kentucky Home.' They sang one Negro melody after another, while the mulatto sat rocking himself, his head thrown back, his yellow face lifted, his shrivelled eyelids never fluttering.
But on this night Saxon did not win to sleep quickly; the little creeping mother came and went; and in the intervals the face of Billy, with the cloud-drifted, sullen, handsome eyes, burned against her eyelids. And once again, as sleep welled up to smother her, she put to herself the question IS THIS THE MAN?
It was my task at first to keep up the artificial respiration in the body after the transfusion had been effected, but presently Meunier relieved me, and I could see the wondrous slow return of life; the breast began to heave, the inspirations became stronger, the eyelids quivered, and the soul seemed to have returned beneath them.
The Prince compressed his lips, and knit his brow and his eyelids dropped so as to hide his eyes for an instant.
I have heard him talking of her in his sleep, and I have seen the tears on his eyelids. My poor boy!
The East End of London, I read, or some one says; and first of all, under my eyelids, leap the visions of the shining pubs, and in my ears echo the calls for "two of bitter" and "three of Scotch." The Latin Quarter--at once I am in the student cabarets, bright faces and keen spirits around me, sipping cool, well- dripped absinthe while our voices mount and soar in Latin fashion as we settle God and art and democracy and the rest of the simple problems of existence.
The man's purplish red face, his heavy eyelids, the nervous twitchings, all spoke of his addiction to drink.
Now, as if some secret were hinted to her own consciousness through the medium of another's perception, she was fain to let her eyelids droop beneath Clifford's gaze.
Phoebe took leave of the desolate couple, and passed through the shop, twinkling her eyelids to shake off a dew-drop; for--considering how brief her absence was to be, and therefore the folly of being cast down about it--she would not so far acknowledge her tears as to dry them with her handkerchief.
She had thrown her head back a little but there was no scorn, no angry flash under the dark-lashed eyelids. The words did not ring.
She listened with that enigmatic, still, under the eyelids glance, and a friendly turn of the head.
I sat up and rubbed my grimy face with my dry and horny hands, as my lips and eyelids were stuck together, and it was only after some friction and with an effort that I was able to open them.
When she got out of the carriage, her cheeks were pale and her eyelids red.