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optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision

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So I'm sure she won't mind me saying that, actually, whoever styles her hair needs eyeglasses. Some Americans have branded her a "frump", and I'm convinced it's down to that "cottage loaf" hairstyle, which does nothing to set off her very stylish wardrobe.
SWDGs are worn both by soldiers who need prescription eyeglasses and those who don't.
Discounters claimed 17% of contact lens users and an equal percentage of those who wear reading glasses, while 12% who wear prescription eyeglasses opted for the trade class.
Someone (Buck does not know who) requested that city officials arrange to have her fitted for eyeglasses. The request was granted, and she has never forgotten the act of kindness, which not only dramatically improved her vision but also helped her improve her school performance.
Automatic Eyeglass Cleaner pounds 30 With Sharper Image's Automatic Eyeglass Cleaner all you have to do is pour two capfuls of Eyeglass Solution into the tank and add water, fold your eyeglasses and clip them to the bottom of the lid before starting the 40-second clean cycle.Rating: 10/10Have clear vision all the timeSlim 3 CD Stereo pounds 240Super-slim vertical three CD stereo plays all formats, including CD-R/RW and MP3 CDs with ID3 tag text.
The most common combination is to implant both eyes with IOLs that focus at distance, thus allowing for driving and watching television without eyeglasses.
The Solid Side Shields protect the eyes of personnel who wear eyeglasses. Made of low-glare plastic, they are nonperforated for solid protection and are designed to slide or clip onto any eyeglass frame.
The trust awarded a $15,000 grant to the Indiana University School of Optometry to cover the costs of patient care, eyeglasses, and professional optometry services for homeless veterans.
An infrared beam is produced by a device mounted on the left earpiece of my eyeglasses. A clear plastic mouse mounted on top of the monitor picks up the beam.
Bikowski of Sewickley, Pa., noted that when he removed the patient's eyeglasses, there was an indentation on the skin of his nose where the eyeglasses had rested.
The typical treatment for these refractive errors is the prescription of eyeglasses.
LensCrafters and Lions Clubs are collecting used eyeglasses to recycle for needy people in impoverished countries...and they want to see if you can help them.
Until now, only convex lenses had been used in eyeglasses (see 1249).
Some individuals may need a separate set of eyeglasses when working at the terminal.