eyeglass wearer

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a person who wears spectacles in order to see better

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This is a long eye relief (21mm) binocular, and by rolling down the eyecups, eyeglass wearers can truly obtain a full field of view.
In order to minimise the disadvantages of wearing glasses, here's a run-down of tips for eyeglass wearers. Remember, let's not focus on the downsides.
So, to answer your question, I would highly recommend face paint for eyeglass wearers. Face paint eliminates a great deal of the fogging issues, because air is free to circulate around your glasses.
The ocular lens has several settings for eyeglass wearers. One important feature is they are removable for cleaning.
The division specializes in providing Advanced UV Protection Fits Over sunwear for eyeglass wearers. These are sunglasses designed specifically to be worn over prescription glasses or readers.
That's a good thing, because up until the last several years, frames have been the bane of eyeglass wearers. In an essay about the history of eyewear, Dr.
Also, eyeglass wearers who remove their glasses will notice changes in their normal short focus distance.
Eyeglass wearers will welcome the Astro OTG 3001 model in particular.
Steadfast contact lens wearers may recognize the condition earlier than eyeglass wearers. New contacts may seem blurry for reading yet clear during distance vision.
"To appeal to the broadest range of contact lens and eyeglass wearers, we are also will working to leverage our research investment by developing potential new treatments for astigmatism, hyperopia and a wider range of myopia."
Eyepieces Wide-field, adjustable eyepieces with dioptric correction are particularly recommended for eyeglass wearers. "Wide-field" eyepieces allow users to observe a larger portion of the object, making long-term observation more effective by improving sample navigation.
According to the company, with the turn of a dial Adlens wearers can adjust their vision between -6 and +3 diopters, correcting 90% of visual acuity errors for eyeglass wearers without astigmatism.
Los Angeles, CA, August 13, 2014 --(PR.com)-- What: Style Expert and Blogger at The Successful Style Heidi Nazarudin will partner with David Kind, a premier online eyewear company, to host a Twitter Chat to educate eyeglass wearers on choosing flattering frames, makeup, hair and fashion tips.
Each air-to-glass surface is fully multicoated for maximum brightness, and the long eye relief provides full viewing performance for eyeglass wearers. Waterproof, sealed and nitrogen-filled, the Teton deflects moisture while providing fog-free performance.