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Eyeful and sensitized flies with desired genes' RNAi downregulations were anesthetized with C[O.sub.2] and analyzed under a stereo microscope.
The aim of the Eyeful Insights journal is simple - to act as a source of inspiration for business leaders across the entire presentation gamut; from crafting a powerful story, identifying a key message, developing creative visuals, right through to how the story is delivered.
"Made April and Wills go down and say sorry to the police, didn't realise my buttons were open on my nightshirt, cops got an eyeful PScringe!" She later added: "Three kids all up wide awake...
A REAL EYEFUL: Pauline Holmes, left, with Jane Dutton peruse the rugby calendar published in memory of Pauline's husband Roy to raise funds for Kirkwood Hospice.
EYEFUL: A costume is Ray has worked on the Brouhaha festival for the last five months, designing the colourful array of costumes of all shapes and sizes and making sure everything is in place.
And they were in for an eyeful as the spoof Austrian fashion journalist was sporting a pink knitted "nude-suit".
Did those words 'fall' in the same careless manner as she 'fell' off the drainpipe while trying to cop an eyeful through a window?
Last summer, drivers heading to and form the airport in Munich, Germany, saw an eyeful. To celebrate the 2006 World Cup, the Sportswear company Adidas created a massive billboard showing Oliver Kahn, a goalkeeper for the German national soccer team, catching a ball.
Whenever she's out there, my partner is up our garden like a shot and starts chatting to her to get an eyeful.
POLICE have been ordered to fit shower doors in police stations - so they can't catch an eyeful of female prisoners naked.
For up to four hours, get an eyeful of the great landmarks, historical sites, fashionable residences and shopping areas of this fascinating and eclectic city.
3 'Intensity of Scrutiny and a Good Eyeful: Architecture and Transparency', Nigel Whiteley, Journal of Architectural Education, vol 56, no 4, May 2003, p8.
Yet, you can just walk down Church Street, Liverpool, and get a real eyeful.
The pair rewarded themselves with a relaxing dip in the water - and Razor got an eyeful when the model stripped down to her underwear.