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pipet consisting of a small tube with a vacuum bulb at one end for drawing liquid in and releasing it a drop at a time


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Step 4: Use the eyedropper or pipette to add more drops one at a time.
Haddad gives away his eyedroppers to pediatric hospitals at no cost and donates them to physicians in small villages in sub-Saharan Africa where AIDS has so devastated the population that only the very old and the very young survive.
You will need: * Eyedropper * Rubber tubing * 2 one-hole rubber stoppers * 1 two-hole rubber stopper * Plastic squeeze bottle * Cotton balls * Clear plastic tube * Small dish * Cleaning fluid or spot remover
(Trunks of big trees are fatter than you might think; by the time you get one stuffed into a small reservoir, you may be filling the remaining space with an eyedropper.)
Women simply collect urine, then use an eyedropper to put some into a vial.
Again, the answer is not obvious in Lightroom because the eyedropper tool, visible inside the rectangle, disappears when you go outside!
Obtain a 1,000-milliliter beaker, blue food coloring, 100-mL and 10-mL graduated cylinders, a spoon, salt, an ice cube tray, and an eyedropper.
There are topical agents available that contain preservatives other than BAK, have lower concentrations of preservatives, or include a special filter in the eyedropper tip.
I prepared ProNutro porridge and fed him with an eyedropper until his little gullet bulged like a balloon from his neck.
Start with basic supplies for dressing wounds: unopened saline or bottled water, an eyedropper or syringe, sterile gauze, paper towels, vet wrap, clean sharp scissors, and waterless hand sanitizer.
You can also apply calendula tea, hydrosol, or diluted tincture by squirting it into the side of your dog's mouth with an eyedropper or by using a small spray bottle.
However, they can be easily planted individually by suspending them in a 1% agar or gelatin solution and spreading that across the soil, most easily done using a large disposable Pasteur pipet, syringe, or eyedropper. The number of seedlings planted per pot, the number of pots per ecotype, the number of ecotypes to be tested, the growth conditions, and the number of growth parameters to assess, timing of data collection, and method of collection are all up for discussion.
Anyone who still expresses an eyedropper full of confidence in Gonzales is, like President Bush, merely gambling that the political damage from supporting the imploding attorney general will be easier to survive than the fallout from firing him.
You need: scissors, a light microscope, slides, cover slips, tape, eyedropper, water, tissues, notebook, pencil, and a few strands of human and animal hairs.
* tape * glass marker * regular liquid soap * antibacterial liquid soap * water * measuring cups * teaspoon * mixing bowl * eyedropper * magnifying glass