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Synonyms for eyeball

the ball-shaped capsule containing the vertebrate eye


look at


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I will sing you the praise of the bottle-tailed Rikki, with eyeballs of red!
If it were his eyeballs only that were affected, or if his optic nerve were not wholly destroyed, the explanation was simple.
In a solitary chamber, or rather cell, at the top of the house, and separated from all the other apartments by a gallery and staircase, I kept my workshop of filthy creation; my eyeballs were starting from their sockets in attending to the details of my employment.
He was buttoned and buckled up to his bursting eyeballs in the most brilliant fashion.
The door of the room was flung open, and the fashionable negro stood framed in it, his eyeballs rolling, his silk hat still insolently tilted on his head.
The young man smiled to himself, for he believed he had mistaken some shining berry of the woods for the glistening eyeballs of a prowling savage, and he rode forward, continuing the conversation which had been interrupted by the passing thought.
A torrent of sparks swept all the way across the building, overwhelming everything, hiding it from sight; and then Jurgis looked through the fingers of his hands, and saw pouring out of the caldron a cascade of living, leaping fire, white with a whiteness not of earth, scorching the eyeballs. Incandescent rainbows shone above it, blue, red, and golden lights played about it; but the stream itself was white, ineffable.
Never shall I forget them with their streaming hair, their screaming open mouths, and the cruel ascending fire glinting on their starting eyeballs!
Eyewitnesses, who identify the couple as Jackson Blayee and Patience Doe Williams, narrate that the incident transpired when Blayee caught Patience in the community smoking marijuana in public along with some friends and immediately punched her right eye, causing her eyeball to completely gush out.
He said: 'Nigeria is coming back to be a nation of integrity where our leaders can look at other leaders eyeball to eyeball and say I am not corrupt.
Nurses performed the DEPT, while phlebotomists performed a quick non-systematic clinical assessment based on patient appearance (Eyeball triage).
The mysterious eyeball disappearance disease was unexplainable till this research.
" The findings,published in the journal Human Molecular Genetics, explained the reason behind the mysterious eyeball disappearance disease which was unknown till this research.
The VR system, which was first used in two rehabilitation institutions in October, was developed by Shanghai Mental Health Centre, East China Normal University's School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, Shanghai Qing Tech (a company that specializes in tracking eyeball movement), and the Shanghai Drug Rehabilitation Authority.
He is just 12 weeks old but now has a red lump between his eyelid and the eyeball. Sometimes you can barely see it and sometimes it seems to swell up bigger.