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amazingly impressive

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EYE-POPPING Ashley Graham showing off sexy lingerie
The officially projected shortfall: an eye-popping $3.
This is why we get so enthralled by the eye-popping climate-related headlines of opinion editorials in our local and national newspapers--headlines like: Global warming will cause an ice age; Scientists debunk climate theory.
Choreographer Amelia Conrado's Boi-Bumba, Xaxado, and Maracatu are new and eye-popping, technically fierce and more structurally complex than the troupe's older works (several of which are by company co-founder Walson Botelho).
In their eye-popping domain, everything is patently artificial.
As a result, the Green Century Balanced Fund also achieved eye-popping returns of 61 percent through September 30 of last year.
With eye-popping graphics and built-in stereo speakers, the Satellite P15 Series provides a theater-quality experience whether watching DVDs or playing computer games.
Every time we came across an eye-popping streak, we'd record it in a special folder and publish it in a special list from time to time.
Stripes in eye-popping combinations should be on the list as should some nifty paper products for all that entertaining and lunching on the beach.
Now unless biopsies actually cause cancer--which would be eye-popping news if true--the reasoning must be that the more doctors have suspected you of having cancer in the past, the more likely you are to get it.
An eye-popping 22 percent of all transactions reported to the CCIM/Landauer database for the first quarter of 1997 involved that most basic of real estate commodities, land, suggesting further commercial development.
Shorter memoirs include an eye-popping account of the eccentricities of the Texas academic aristocracy of the 1950s and tributes to his long-time friends Alvin Boyarsky and Stirling.
Barbie Entertainment's 24th DVD release includes Barbie-style songs and eye-popping animation that girls are sure to love.
Think sensual satin, fragile lace and eye-popping spots or polka dots.