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amazingly impressive

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DON'T LOOK DOWN Jamie Foxx toasts Nicki as she wears eye-popping halterneck costume
Noga Hitron's MINI-CAKES: TINY TREATS TO SURPRISE & DELIGHT (9781402739989, $17.95) uses basic recipes to create small cakes that offer eye-popping, spectacular results.
Although about a third of that rise could be explained by valuation effects in the form of a weakening dollar, the eye-popping number left little doubt that cash has been flooding into China.
The result transforms any desktop studio into a miniaturized James Cameron media lab where user-created digital actors come to life in eye-popping 3D.
The eye-popping format works especially well during the vertiginous flying sequences - you feel like you can almost reach out and touch1 the clouds.
These dazzling tactile cushions are scattered with garlands of screen-printed flowers in eye-popping colours.
A REDCAR pub is among those chosen by Sky TV to show the table-topping Man Utd v Chelsea game live in eye-popping 3D on Saturday.
Just looking at the development of the 'pimp your weapon' system, the layers of additional depth here speak volumes about how all areas have been fine-tuned - from the eye-popping disaster movie setting to stronger partner AI and a much better multiplayer mode.
MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT: CREATE EYE-POPPING EFFECTS USING AVIARY (WITHOUT PAYING FOR PHOTOSHOP!) provides a fun and fine guide to using Phoenix, the browser-based image editor from Aviary.com.
"Developers, intent on closing out their final inventories, are meeting buyers halfway--in some cases more than halfway--with eye-popping price reductions," says a Michael Saunders spokesman.
Adam Schlesinger and his development company, Ceebraid-Signal, put together the eye-popping deal for Holiday Isle in April 2006, before the skyrocketing real estate market crashed.
And while a head-to-toe look might be a little too eye-popping for most, a little printed playfulness will go a long way this summer.
The cast of comically twisted characters, females in emotional hyper-drive, eye-popping costumes and design, and beautifully orchestrated running gags that arise from a batch of barbiturate-laced gazpacho suggest Hollywood sex comedies from the '50s.