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amazingly impressive

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If any old bird could afford to grow an eye-popper of a tail, then abundant cheating would destroy the value of the signal.
And so, the December announcement of Simmons' appointment was an eye-popper.
Prior to this year, the July sales pace would have been a real eye-popper," he said.
Either very early dawn light, or late sunset and after light, can often be the difference between a really nice picture - and the award winning eye-popper," adds Ted.
I reckon it's up there with Marilyn Monroe's blown-up dress, Princess Di's cleavage the night she chucked it with Chuck and Liz Hurley's safety-pin eye-popper as one of the iconic photos of the female form.
This Derbyshire-based ensemble arrives at the LBT on Tuesday, February 19 with Deadline, a show which promises to be moving, comic and visually a real eye-popper.
OH, THE HORROR: The scream queens in the low-budget eye-popper ``Black Christmas'' weren't surprised to see Tara Reid and ``Entourage's'' Rex Lee at Tuesday's premiere at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
It persisted even after what was anticipated to be the high point: University of Utah student Natosha Washington's eye-popper, House of Timothy, featuring sex, conflict, and music by Daft Punk.
With its management now passed to Leisureworks - Derwentside's trust for sport and the arts - digital 3D has been added, the ability to screen the latest eye-popper blockbusters now a draw for young audiences.
Now playing in Imax venues worldwide, this educational eye-popper should prove an excellent draw for science lovers of all ages.
And there was some of that, including the retro-style Louis Verdad suit in iridescent green worn by Julieta Venegas, whose hair was braided at the back of her head like a pretzel, and the flowing hot pink Dolce & Gabbana eye-popper worn by the Black Eyed Peas femme fatal Fergie.