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a medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye

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Also, contact your eye doctor immediately if you are experiencing any visual problems or changes in your eye sight.
Additionally, the materials used in sports eyewear purchased from your eye doctor is often times more durable, helping to ensure against accidental breakage.
This award is internationally known, we have had success with the Eye Doctor as far away as the US and Japan.
A well-known name in the field of ophthalmology, Dr Somdutt Prasad is a top notch eye doctor in Kolkata.
Here, too, there are myriad options, so it's important to work with your eye doctor to make an appropriate choice.
The training aims to improve the capabilities of eye doctors in providing proper, affordable and accessible care, he said.
She told us there was no eye doctor on duty and to go home and come back at 8.
In this series, Elmo goes to the eye doctor, becomes a lifeguard for the day, has a trip to the beach, plays violin and learns to whistle.
But those wishing to sport the lenses will have to consult an eye doctor first.
He worked briefly for an eye doctor in Los Angeles after the hospital closed.
One item still subject to debate involves the length of time the lens seller has to wait before it can presume the eye doctor has verified a prescription.
EYE doctor Arvind Chandna helps make a difference to hundreds of children throughout Merseyside.
See your eye doctor, who can determine whether you are experiencing benign floaters or a more serious condition that could become more than a simple annoyance.
Jeanine Ianole says, "It depends on your comfort level with the responsibility, and whether or not your parents and eye doctor agree.
At your check-up, your eye doctor will re-evaluate the fit of your contact lenses and observe any changes in your cornea caused by your lenses.