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a small vessel with a rim curved to fit the orbit of the eye

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For example, the imagers can be outfitted with an eye cup that mitigates display light emissions for covert night missions.
A novel feature is a twist out eye cup that extends the overall length by about 3/8" to position the eye at a comfortable distance from the lens.
Use as an eyewash with an eye cup several times each day.
PrimaVu Herbal Eye Wash is packaged with an eye cup for easy application, and the four ounce multi-dose bottle is compact for people on the go.
It features a 7X eyepiece with a diopter adjustment and a fold down eye cup.
8l ii usm lens 1 - monitor unit 1 - handle unit 1 - bp-955 intelligent lithium-ion battery pack (5200 mah) 1 - ca-940 compact power adapter for eos c300 & c300 pl camcorders 1 - cg-940 battery charger 1 - eye cup 1 - viewfinder cap 1 - thumb rest 1 - tb-1 tripod adapter base 1 - wft attachment 1 - measuring hook 2 - ac cable 1 - dc cable (for ca-940) 1 - shoulder strap ss-1200 1 - xf utilities disc version 3.
Top And Bottom Cover Should Be Off Bonded Card Board Of 30 Oz Along With 2 Tags Of 45 Cm Each Of Superior Quality Provided With 2 Holes Fitted With Aluminium Eye Cup Rivets.
Rubber Eye Cup, Daylight Filter, Sacrificial Window, Demist Shield, Neck Cord,
I use stem cell technology to reprogram skin cells from a patient into stem cells and then can grow early eye cups with retinal cells.