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a chart that is read from a fixed distance

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Participants who viewed this illusion performed worse on the logMAR eye chart than previously.
For their last experiment, the researchers wanted to see if the improvement they saw in the first experiment was significant enough to translate into a real-world task -- reading a standard eye chart.
Roger Anderson, at the UK's National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Center at Moorfields Eye Hospital, have designed a new eye chart that can detect the first stages of changes in the eye's retina that can lead to AMD.
Immediately prior to chiropractic examination and treatment, visual acuity was assessed by one of two investigators, both chiropractic interns, using a Snellen eye chart.
The older adults performed as well as those 40 years younger and were also better able to make out letters on an eye chart at reading distance.
Reading an eye chart measures visual acuity, Kondrot explains.
To be fair, Advanced Cell published research in Lancet, which found that about half of the 18 people who used its product were able to read two rows on an eye chart.
Regular tests since have shown his left eye has gradually improved - and he can now read the fifth line down on an eye chart with the aid of prescription lenses.
a member of the Cluster Lensing and Supernova survey with Hubble (CLASH) team, said they have found supernovae that can be used like an eye chart for each lensing cluster.
In fact, the results have been so good that many study participants are now able to move 12 metres further away from an eye chart and still read what's on it.
Assessing your visual field Because most drivers license eye tests check only your central vision (imagine reading an eye chart at the ophthalmologist's office), its possible to pass the vision test to get a license even if your glaucoma is at an advanced stage.
To screen that number of kids with an HOTV eye chart, it would normally take days and require a much larger team.
I visited the optometrist and took the battery of torturous tests: the puff (glaucoma), the eye chart (general blindness), and the multicolored circles that formed multicolored numbers all within one large multicolored circle (color blindness).
For instance, research shows that ICLs provide better visual acuity than LASIK for people who can only read the top few lines of an eye chart.
Individuals diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease previously have used an eye chart developed in the 1940s to track distortion in their vision.