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a chart that is read from a fixed distance

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The older adults performed as well as those 40 years younger and were also better able to make out letters on an eye chart at reading distance.
The way I present it to the children, I tell them I am taking a picture of their eyes, because Spot looks like a camera," said Escobedo, who uses Spot in conjunction with the eye charts for screenings.
We have seen patients who couldn't even see an eye chart on the wall go on to read the first line down - and some even attempted the second line.
The worst problem is that the crew could not find an eye chart for a vision test, something that caused a chuckle among ground controllers.
So obsessed is Joanna with letters - whether felt, wood, metal or prints - that she even bought an eye chart from an online opticians' supplier
Nearly half the eyes treated with Lucentis, often in combination with standard laser therapy, had an improvement in vision of at least two lines on a standard eye chart after one year.
Just reading an eye chart doesn't show things up like this.
Testing of visual acuity using the Snellen Chart (the standard eye chart used by eye care professionals to measure visual acuity) showed a significant improvement from baseline 14/20 to 17/20 after two months of treatment with Pycnogenol.
Eye can see it OPTICIANS have created the world's biggest eye chart to stage mass tests outside a primary school.
The fact that they had patients who could now read lines on an eye chart .
Traditionally, patients look through a series of lenses until they find which one gives each eye the clearest view of a distant target such as an eye chart on a wall.
Optometrists and ophthalmologists are well-trained in evaluating vision in people who can't read an eye chart, whether they are very young children, stroke victims or developmentally disabled adults.
The creation of a humorous eye chart gives students practice in many important aspects of desktop publishing.
If you can only read the top letter on an eye chart without glasses at a distance of three metres, you could be eligible to be registered as blind