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Synonyms for exultance

the act or condition of feeling an uplifting joy over a success or victory

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Here are few of the symptoms that can indicate exultance of cancer in body:
Frost's voice s medium in pitch, rather low dun high, but not guttural; and it registers sensitively shades of feeling--elation or scorn, exultance or sadness.
And the artifice of language, in the form of writing, appears ultimately as a further expression of nature, like flowers, the idiosyncratic sigils of a strange and perpetual exultance.
While Chinese students crammed chat lines to express their exultance over America being brought down a notch, the attacks seemed to confirm Beijing's rhetoric concerning US hegemony.
The Pope said: "This is my confess-ion of faith and my hymn of gratitude to the Father of Life, who allows me today to celebrate the Eucharist with you with the exultance of the perennial youth of the spirit on the occasion of my 80th birthday.