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Synonyms for exudate

a substance that oozes out from plant pores

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DynaSorb Super Absorbent Dressings--These dressings rapidly absorb wound exudate into super absorbent polymer core, minimizing the risk of maceration and leakage by trapping wound fluids away from wounds.
This study was carried out on 60 patients divided into 2 groups; exudate and transudate.
A location-to-segmentation strategy for automatic exudate segmentation in colour retinal fundus images" Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 55: 78-86.
Using a variety of super absorbent polymers, Gelok core materials can absorb many times their own weight of water, exudate or aqueous solution, locking it in a gel to prevent leakage and facilitating easy disposal.
Synergism between blue light and root exudate compounds and evidence for a second messenger in the hyphal branching response of Gigaspora gigantea.
Figure 2: Effect of ethanolic extract of Alpinia galanga in Leukocyte migration in pleural exudates Leukocytes Count in exudate (x [10.
As for managing exudate and bleeding, dressing choice is again an important consideration.
Once a complete otic evaluation like the condition of ear, looking for any masses or foreign bodies; noting the presence, consistency, colour of any exudate and evaluating the patency of the tympanic membrane had been performed, additional diagnostics as well as a treatment plan could be formulated (Cole, 2004).
The pH of the exudate with phenolphthalein test was used to determine the viability of soybean seeds by AMARAL & PESKE (1984).
Peritoneal fluids may also be identified as an exudate or a transudate.
Fundus fluorescein angiography (FFA) showed indistinct vascular leakage near the area of soft exudate in the left macula (Figure 2).
That is, to determine LDH-PF, the cutoff point to distinguish exudates from transudates was 325 U/L, which means >325 U/L indicates exudate and [less than or equal to]325 U/L indicates transudate.
The causes of pleural effusions can be classified as either a transudate (Table 1) or an exudate (Table 2).
The method of light microscopic examination showed that primary suppurative exudate which contained numerous neutrocytes was found both in the bone marrow channel and between bone rods.