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Synonyms for exuberant

Synonyms for exuberant

full of joyful, unrestrained high spirits

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

Synonyms for exuberant

joyously unrestrained

Related Words

unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings

produced or growing in extreme abundance

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Pilot Pen's exuberant display of fashion sketches and runway shows.
She maintained that allegation of exuberant prices were also unjustified as no proof was available.
To Do Wid Me is an exuberant experiment in poetry publishing, as it is not meant to be simply read but seen and heard.
It helped that singer Dan Gillespie Sells is a lively and exuberant frontman and his cheerful "Thank you very much for having us back" at the end was clearly heartfelt.
It has made itself completely at home here, wrapping itself around our drainpipes and one of the less pleasant tasks of the week is going to be checking its exuberant growth.
Summary: Nizwa: Indian School Nizwa was exuberant over the excellent performance of the students who came .
SIR Paul McCartney led tributes to his actor friend Victor Spinetti, who starred in three Beatles movies, praising his "irreverent wit and exuberant personality".
We are trying to coalesce these different areas into a design that feels wonderful, exuberant, respectful, jubilant.
Exuberant Skepticism comes from a philosopher who for three decades has been an advocate of skepticism as a philosophical position and way of life.
Here he gathers 17 essays by Kurtz focusing on skepticism to illuminate his commitment to secular humanism and ethical and exuberant life.
The springy little creatures do exuberant very well, all gambol and game, tumbling over tussocky grass and chasing each other.
Geoff Oxford, in the University's Department of Biology, studied the Hawaiian Happy-face Spider, which the researcher says is a prime example of an exuberant polymorphism.
This essential 2CD compilation scans their exuberant career history for a wealth of sonic gold.
WITH only one noticeable slight delay between scenes on the first night, this is a happy pantomime in which the exuberant energy of Claire Harrison (Silly Sally) is a prominent factor.
The traditional and romantic notion that a liberal education is meant to enrich young hearts and minds, inflaming them with noble passions and infusing a lifelong love of beauty and learning, is effusively defended by the exuberant middle-aged general studies professor Hector (Richard Griffiths), a chubby and bespectacled Mr.