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Synonyms for exuberant

Synonyms for exuberant

full of joyful, unrestrained high spirits

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

Synonyms for exuberant

joyously unrestrained

Related Words

unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings

produced or growing in extreme abundance

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At a time when catastrophic reports seem to be the order of the day--hurricanes, floods, soaring gasoline prices and the ballooning national debt--it's almost exuberant news that the Princeton office market has remained remarkably steady.
AS boss of a Birmingham City side which is only two points off the relegation zone - having won just two of the last 23 - Steve Bruce doesn't have much to be exuberant about these days.
If parents have an exuberant child, some appreciate and nurture the quality, while others are uncomfortable with exuberance, particularly if they themselves are not exuberant.
"This book will, in part," West explains at the outset, "explore the rich insights and expressions of that deep democratic tradition, from the radical iconoclasm of Socrates, to the tragically schizophrenic visions of the American Founding Fathers, to the exuberant and brilliant indictments laid down by hip-hop." (Can't you just hear these words rolling out of his mouth?)
Some are humorous, like drying dishes before you put them away in the cabinet; others include following your hosts' lead when visiting their house, and not being too exuberant. As the new school year begins, Gabby seems to be off to a good start.
Ecologists have long recognized that life is most exuberant near the equator, whereas other regions have fewer species.
Awesome as all this might have been, in the quiet churches of weekday morning Masses or the exuberant spectacle of feast days, the fact remained that the people in the pews were almost exclusively spectators.
Summary: Muscat: Indian School Muscat (ISM) students were exuberant on their day of academic success, as ...
Written by Layn Marlow and cheerily illustrated in exuberant full color by Joelle Dreidemy, The Witch with a Twitch is a humorous, softcover picturebook about an unusual witch and her cat.
Bold accents of magenta and orange on the facade provide a sense of place, and create a new abstract geometry that plays off the exuberant mural on the neighbouring property.
Either way, I loved her kick-ass, girl-power rap style and exuberant blend of inventive hip-hop rhythms, DIY electronica, and global musical influences.
In Several Stories, which his Misnomer Dance Theatre brings to Battery Park this month, six dancers scuttle with the clean, exuberant line of early Nikolais/Louis works, their hesitant legs thrusting forward like the limbs of a praying mantis, They might be acolytes of Pan or creatures from the world of Dr.
Harvest Sun Press presents "The Matt The Rat Series", bilingual English/Spanish picturebooks featuring an exuberant young brown rat.
"What better way for us to send a message to those who would have us live in fear, than to put shovels in the ground for this exuberant new structure which symbolizes the strength of New York, the strength of America and our belief in our way of life."
We explained that not only is Jill Scott also a writer with a pending book deal, but her exuberant and highly recognizable countenance on the July/August cover had helped sell more newsstand copies of BIBR than ever before in the magazine's history.