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Synonyms for extrude

Synonyms for extrude

form or shape by forcing through an opening


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Aluminum extrusion is a process of extruding by forcing aluminum ingot through a die in a desired forms.
In more than 15 years of leading the seminar, he has observed that attendees are usually most interested in how to select proper temperatures and shear rates to avoid degradation when extruding and drying the materials.
Extruding the thermoplastic elastomer profile onto the polypropylene film; and
Two building-supply companies are extruding what is believed to be the first foamed and wood-filled sheet on the market.
The automated cleaning option, a separate module, is used when extruding material into open space, and is said to guarantee reproducible results by keeping the tools clean throughout all measurements.
CVF is an adaptation of a process for extruding corrugated pipe with two looped chains of vacuum molds that form the corrugations.
So Bixby embarked on more than six months of alloying, extruding, and testing.
To fulfill these demands when extruding tire components such as treads, sidewalls, etc.
Micro-tubes are made by extruding a silicone pre-ceramic compound (supplied by GE Silicones or Wacker Silicones) and then pyrolizing the "green" extrudate in a furnace to convert it to a true ceramic.
As has been described above, the latest generation of MCTD extruders has demonstrated significant output, energy and size advantages when extruding a variety of rubber compounds.