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the quality of being extreme

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Lei, CEO of Xiaomi, nonetheless accentuates the opportunity his company takes to create the products 'just for [its] fans', through focus, extremeness, reputation, and speed.
Human Responses to Environmental Extremeness and Uncertainty: A CrossCultural Perspective.
The seriousness and extremeness of this case has caught the attention of the Minister of Education, so much so that he has described "Egyptian schools as factories of terrorism" (Aman 2003).
The extremeness of Regenia's Northern and Southern experiences, combined with her inability to determine the forces at work in these external redefinitions, tells a story different from the codified "tragic mulatta" or passing narratives, making serious study of Jones's novel all the more essential.
Such is the extremeness and eccentricity of those to whom Romney must appeal for votes and cash.
I do understand it but it is taken to extremeness," Ramos added.
Third, "the extremeness aversion" is the tendency to avoid options that appear to be at the extreme point of some relevant continuum (Benartzi and Thaler 2002).
But when life is understood in its irreducible complexity, as a multidimensional phenomenon which is, so to speak, always beyond itself; when it is considered in its depth, stratification, and discontinuity, in the richness of its phenomena, in the diversity of its manifestations, in the extremeness of its transformations, the scenario changes.
This composite represents the primary theoretical importance of values in the ACT conceptualization, rather than the extremeness or range of values (measured on the Importance Scale) or the degree to which individuals consistently value life domains they may or may not have identified as important (measured on the Consistency Scale).
Recording a 1937 conversation with Pacelli, he wrote (as rendered by World Over Live host Raymond Arroyo during a January 10, 2010 interview with Krupp), "His [Pius'] views, while they are well known, surprised me by their extremeness.
No, they're not, but they're understandable given the extremeness of the situation.