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the quality of being extreme

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230) What offended the district court in Hulme was not the partisan extremeness of the reapportionment map, which merited little mention from the court, but instead the overweening partisan malice pervading the redistricting process.
Lei stood out and elucidated his corporate strategy and principles: staying focused, extremeness, reputation, and speed, the elements that allow Xiaomi to focus on its high-quality production and customer-centered service.
The extremeness of what I have to do is the daunting part -- getting my voice back and my body back,'' Mitchell said.
The Quran teaches Muslims to "take the middle way in all its affairs before all humanity," (2:143) for "God loves those who are just," (60: 8) and "abhors extremeness," (6:141).
Since it is also clear that the causes of the 2013 North Island drought were not simply higher pressures, natural internal variability must have played a role in the extremeness of this event.
Prediction of group opinion as a function of extremeness of predictor attitudes.
Especially for extremeness and speed, Lei explained that Xiaomi wants to produce 'let users scream' (i.
198) The extremeness of a group or individual opinion is defined internally, relative to the initial opinions of group members, rather than by any external or normative measure.
The fourth restriction condition--Kuhn and Tucker complementary condition--gives much extremeness and greater complicates a solution to the problem.
The degree of Israeli isolation is matched only by the extremeness of its rhetoric.
Therefore, it was unlikely that the LDP's extremeness caused the DPJ's opposition.
Human Responses to Environmental Extremeness and Uncertainty: A CrossCultural Perspective.
The seriousness and extremeness of this case has caught the attention of the Minister of Education, so much so that he has described "Egyptian schools as factories of terrorism" (Aman 2003).
The impressions wrought on the observer were those of richness, warmth, color, quietude, uniformity, softness, delicacy, daintiness, voluptuousness, and a miraculous extremeness of culture that suggested dreams of a new race of fairies, laborious, tasteful, magnificent, and fastidious; but as the eye traced upward the myriad-tinted slope, from its sharp junction with the water to its vague termination amid the folds of overhanging cloud, it became, indeed, difficult not to fancy a panoramic cataract of rubies, sapphires, opals, and golden onyxes, rolling silently out of the sky.