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AN unholy alliance between Tories and an extreme right-winger will be a test of David Cameron's vow to change his party for the better.
He was replaced by extreme right-winger Ariel Sharon who, during his military career, had been responsible for some of the worse Israeli atrocities against Arabs and Palestinians.
American stars have been urged to boycott the film festival this year by one Jewish group in the US after extreme right-winger Jean-Marie Le Pen's success at the polls.
However he has been named the likely victor both by his supporters and by some enemies of the Conservative Party, who seek to smear him as an extreme right-winger and smear his party by association.
The extreme right-winger, who has a conviction for incitement to racial hatred, said: "It's odds on that we will be fielding candidates in the local elections.
Extreme right-winger Nick Griffin is expected to visit Glasgow today.
But he's followed by a host of fringe runners whose goal is also Washington - Moonlighting's Cybill Shepherd, casino tycoon Donald Trump and extreme right-winger Pat Buchanan.
But Jonathan was stunned to discover that he would have to strip off to play the extreme right-winger.
EXTREME right-winger Jean Marie Le Pen was attacked by protesting students who smashed his car window yesterday.
The likes of my mother couldn't take to her because she was an extreme right-winger who agreed with apartheid, wanted to bring back hanging and stop immigration.
Your extreme right-winger IDS has a lovely missus, so what
As expected, my article, "The truths the hagiographies don't tell", that was published in the Sunday Mail on June 18 was not well received by some extreme right-wingers.
It's actually quite simple to convert extreme right-wingers, or radical Islamists," Langer said.
Rugby, sadly, appears to be governed by extreme right-wingers, individuals driven by ambition and greed, witness the cost of attending games; they seem to believe that the strongest should grow stronger and the weakest should be pushed back into their box and forcibly know their place.
In cooperation with the extreme right-wingers, they are taking the country down by contributing to the "external forces" paranoia.