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Synonyms for extravasation

an extravasated liquid (blood or lymph or urine)

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(of volcanos) pouring out fumes or lava (or a deposit so formed)

the process of exuding or passing out of a vessel into surrounding tissues

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The ivWatch Model 400 constantly monitors a patients peripheral IV for proof of infiltrations and extravasations.
Anthracycline extravasation occurs when there is accidental leaking of the intravenously-administered medication into the surrounding tissues.
14, 15) Theoretically, use of this balloon mitigates the risks associated with cement extravasation that are seen with vertebroplasty.
The results from the audit tool over the past five years enabled more accurate determination of the contrast extravasation rate in the CT department.
Myocardial rupture can be demonstrated by discontinuity of the myocardial wall, visualized communication of the ventricle or atrium with the pericardium, acute pericardial effusion, and active extravasation of contrast into the pericardium.
IV therapy: recognizing the differences between infiltration and extravasation.
According to many studies there is no difference between male and female genders in association with mucocele appearance and there is also no difference between extravasation and retention mucocele clinically.
DISCUSSION: Plunging ranula develops if extravasation of mucus occurs beyond the confines of the floor of the mouth through the mylohyoid muscle into the upper neck or submental region, a large cystic swelling develops, that happened in this case.
Iatrogenic calcinosis cuffs is easy to diagnose when a massive extravasation of calcium infusion is followed by tender, swollen whitish papuloplaques with surrounding erythema and skin necrosis.
Two types of mucoceles are recognized: (1) the retention type, in which the mucin pooling is confined within a dilated excretory duct or cyst, and (2) the extravasation type, in which mucin is spilled into the connective tissues from a ruptured or traumatized salivary gland duct.
Although terfenadine (30 mg/kg) inhibited plasma extravasation induced by ESGM in the sensitized mice, G.
These are Totect, which treats extravasation from intravenous anthracycline chemotherapy and Granisol, a drug that prevents nausea and vomiting related to certain emetogenic cancer therapy and radiation.
An abdominal CT revealed liver laceration and active contrast extravasation near the gallbladder fossa (Figure 1).