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  • verb

Synonyms for extravasate

to send forth (confined matter) violently

Synonyms for extravasate

force out or cause to escape from a proper vessel or channel

become active and spew forth lava and rocks


Related Words

geology: cause molten material, such as lava, to pour forth

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The source of this lesional iron is believed to be derived from extravasated red blood cells [34].
Histopathology of a skin biopsy sample showed epidermal ulceration overlying granulation tissue, with subepidermal oedema, numerous extravasated erythrocytes within the superficial dermis and a marked inflammatory infiltrate.
The SAH diagnosis was corroborated through microscopic identification of extensive extravasated erithrocytes in the subarachnoidal space in case 11 and in some areas of the same in case 8.
Bedbugs can also feed on extravasated blood from damaged tissue or directly insert their tip into a capillary--where they liquefy epidermal tissue (Elston, 2000).
A new method for extraction of extravasated dye in the skin and the influence of fasting stress on passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in guinea pigs and rats.
Histologically, biopsies usually show a preserved epithelium, with extravasated red cells and lots of nuclei in the deeper dermis, as one would expect of a cancer that arises from endothelial cells of the arteriovenous or lymphatic structures, Dr.
This case illustrates the first reported fatal complication of HCl infusion in which HCl extravasated into the SC space due to improper line placement.
The time between last exposure and sacrifice is of great importance for the detection of foci of leakage because extravasated albumin rapidly diffuses down to, and beyond, concentrations possible to demonstrate accurately immunohistologically.
Moreover, he argued that the rate of coagulation of extravasated blood was a diagnostic indicator of the "vitality" of a patient.
However, at 1,000 g/cm force applied, the alcohol group showed a three- to fourfold increase in lesion size as demonstrated by extravasated dye.
The higher the concentration of blue dye extravasated in the ears, the stronger the anaphylaxis that was induced.
8, 9) The extravasated urine is subsequently re-absorbed by lymphatic or venous channels.
Cells typically palisaded as a single layer with a distinct basement membrane, although clefts of subepithelial fluid extravasated in many areas.
com) a life science technology company focused on developing and commercializing next generation micro-invasive diagnostics, devices and drug delivery technologies announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued patent # 8,597,239 for the company's Abrading Balloon Catheter for Extravasated Drug Delivery.
A halo of ground-glass attenuation surrounding a well-circumscribed nodule has been described as likely representing an intermediate stage of clearance of extravasated blood, in which the air spaces have nearly cleared, but interstitial thickening persists.