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any lavishly staged or spectacular entertainment

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The Fashion Show Extravaganza will be held at the Landmark Boutique Hollander Hotel (www.hollanderhotel.com) with a free entry.
There is a group booking offer of one ticket free in every ten for Magical Extravaganza on Ice and The Snow Dog.
Magical Extravaganza on Ice features ice skaters who have competed in British and European competitions, as well as performing in professional ice shows all over the world.
The show is an extravaganza of costumes, whirling bodies and special effects.
Areej, the skincare, makeup, and fragrance retail chain, is hosting its annual exclusive Beauty Extravaganza this year.
SINGER Pete Doherty, who was brough up in Bedworth, is to perform in a remake of a soul classic as part of an extravaganza telling the story of music producer David Gest.
Byline: Come June 19, Sushmita Sen will be adding a glitzy touch to a fashion extravaganza.
Soak up the Victorian Extravaganza, featuring stilt walkers and fire eaters, in Llandudno.2.
Amazing flower statues and gift ideas modelled on flowers are on show at a Dubai shopping mall as part of its ongoing floral extravaganza.
Rio de Janeiro's carnival parade, a four-day extravaganza which attracts people - and stars - from all over the world, is a colourful assault on the senses, with samba-dancing revellers in bizarre costumes turning the city into a moving celebration of life
Festival director Guy Darmet chose, for the first time, to kick off this, his 11th Biennale, with a break-dance extravaganza, "Dei'hip hop," as a tribute to the street art that has taken Europe by storm.
THE MIDWEST EXTRAVAGANZA will showcase two comprehensive trade shows in one location.
The special Millennium extravaganza, hosted by Gaby Roslin and David Dimbleby, recorded average figures of eight million between 8pm and 1am, said the BBC spokeswoman.
THE new chairman of a Victorian extravaganza admits this year's event will be a gamble as fair rides are cut back in favour of a more authentic street market and sideshows.