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Synonyms for extravagantly

in an abundant manner

in a wasteful manner


in a rich and lavish manner

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Words cannot state the amount of aggravation and injury wreaked upon me by Trabb's boy, when, passing abreast of me, he pulled up his shirt-collar, twined his side-hair, stuck an arm akimbo, and smirked extravagantly by, wriggling his elbows and body, and drawling to his attendants, "Don't know yah, don't know yah, pon my soul don't know yah
He reduced the prices of all manner of shoes, boots, and stockings, but of shoes in particular, as they seemed to him to run extravagantly high.
As it was, his heated imagination gradually ceased to glow with the beauties of an image that was, however perfect in itself, extravagantly coloured by his own youthful imagination, and in time, if he thought at all of Charlotte Henley, he thought of her as a beautiful object, it is true, but as of one that brought somewhat mortifying reflections along with it.
I could with less pain endure the raging in my own natural unsatisfied appetites, even hunger or thirst, than I could submit to leave ungratified the most whimsical desires of a woman on whom I so extravagantly doated, that, though I knew she had been the mistress of half my acquaintance, I firmly intended to marry her.
Lady Verinder was extravagantly fond of these perishable treasures, and had a habit of rising every now and then, and going to look at them and smell them.
He was outgoing and outrageous and would dress extravagantly but I think it was a front.
Indulging into a relaxing staycation isn't always about spending extravagantly.
When children join their parents and grandparents during their college vacations, the occasions are extravagantly celebrated in popular facilities.
The collaboration with China's best-known fashion designer, Chris Chang, features an eye-popping, extravagantly colorful cosmetics collection inspired by Poesia, Chang's vibrant and bold ready-to-wear fine.
The way Sharif brothers have spent extravagantly from provincial and federal treasure on highly controversial projects in a non-transparent manner was unparalleled, he alleged.
STEVE McCLAREN extravagantly declared that Tim Krul's season-long injury could cost United up to 20 points.
An amusing, extravagantly implausible farce that nonetheless makes a pointed argument about the perceived marginalization of childless women in modern society, helmer Jacob Tierney's film shoots for the distaff appeal of "Bridesmaids," albeit with a bleaker undertow and dimmer production values.
You know you're on a budget when your lunch choice is the free biscuit you get with an extravagantly priced Americano or a two-mile walk to a shop far away from tourists and Wembley-goers so you can pay a normal price for normal food.
Andy and Terry have expanded their extravagantly implausible treehouse; the 13 new storeys include a dodgem car rink, a skate ramp, a mud-fighing arena, an anti-gravity chamber, and ice cream parlor with 78 flavors (run by a robot named Edward Scooperhands).
Kim Judd Is this the most extravagantly brilliant wedding proposal ever?