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Synonyms for extravagant

Synonyms for extravagant

characterized by excessive or imprudent spending

given to or marked by unrestrained abundance

Synonyms for extravagant

unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings

recklessly wasteful

References in classic literature ?
These men, whom she had found so relapsed into barbarism that they had forgotten the most ordinary forms of civilization; these men, even in whose extravagant admiration there was a certain loss of self-respect, that as a woman she would never forgive; these men, who seemed to belong to another race--impossible
Dickens' inexhaustible fertility in characters and scenes is a main cause of the rather extravagant lack of unity which is another conspicuous feature of his books.
With what a ghastly rapture, as it were, too mighty to be expressed only by the eye and features, and therefore bursting forth through the whole ugliness of his figure, and making itself even riotously manifest by the extravagant gestures with which he threw up his arms towards the ceiling, and stamped his foot upon the floor
He was criticized for reportedly holding a weeklong birthday celebration that was highlighted by Friday's birthday party which some people considered extravagant amid calls from Duterte for government officials to live modest lives.
com/prince-harry-wants-private-non-extravagant-wedding-meghan-markle-source-says-2602263) extravagant as the royal wedding in 2011.
Grace Jamra, representing Belafonte, 42, said: "Their lifestyle was extravagant.
Attend to your embellishments at every time of prayer, and eat and drink and be not extravagant; surely He does not love the extravagant.
IANS Actor Armie Hammer says his colleague Johnny Depp has an extravagant lifestyle, adding that he lives on"an entirely other planet".
Bollywood actor Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao were among the list of high profile celebrities who attended an extravagant Indian wedding this weekend in the country.
com)-- Extravagant Feet Announces Their Online Shoe Store is Here to Stay
Underpinning all this is a celebration of the extravagant love of God, revealed to us in the birth of Jesus Christ who showed us God's love in his life, death and resurrection.
There's Ben from Essex, who will miss his prom unless his school attendance improves; Chanelle, who's set her heart on a designer dress; Matt, who will be attending in a wheelchair; and Callum, who is nervously preparing an extravagant 'promposal' to ask a girl to the dance with him.
Graduation, while considered as special day for most of the students and parents should not be extravagant and burdensome," he explained.
A FORMER HBOS manager is today starting a 42-month prison sentence after his extravagant lifestyle raised suspicions among his colleagues at the bank.
The extravagant party was held at the SuperPier at Hudson River Park in New York on Thursday in front of staggered onlookers.