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Synonyms for extravagancy

something costly and unnecessary

Synonyms for extravagancy

the quality of exceeding the appropriate limits of decorum or probability or truth

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The government's extravagancy that keeps high budget deficits financing raises the interest rate on borrowings and crowds out the private sector seeking funds for investment.
All accusations of corruption and extravagancy (as in Goa) by the BJP-run state governments are henceforth to be seen as a bundle of lies.
In Jung's point of view, a healthy body is someone having a balance between his/her different self-powers and parts; any extravagancy in every part may lead to disorder and cause problems like depression, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, self-alienation, jealousy and loss in mental health.
Extravagancy habit has its deep root in out traditional and cultural life, she added.
The committee stated that the real solution can be applied by imposing a financial and scientific plan to stop the extravagancy aspects in the country adding that the country needs anintegrated reform plan especially in the political life.
Fraudulent behaviours of employees, theft coming from stakeholders and intensive unionism for wage increment despite eye service, ghost names and extravagancy are major causes of business failure.
No luxury and extravagancy will be allowed to be enjoyed by few elites in the expense and midst of mass poverty.