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Synonyms for extraterritorial

outside territorial limits or jurisdiction


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When submitting an application on an extraterritorial basis, registration of rights, transactions, restrictions and encumbrances shall be carried out by the registration authority at the location of the real estate object (apartment house, apartment, dacha, etc.
This Article turns to the issue of the extraterritorial reach of patent damages.
Because execution of a warrant seeking data stored abroad constitutes an improper extraterritorial application of the SCA, the magistrate judge's ruling should be set aside," the companies said.
15) On appeal, the Ninth Circuit reversed, concluding that Hallatt's conduct does create a connection to American commerce sufficient to warrant extraterritorial application of the Lanham Act.
These extraterritorial prosecutions seek to hold defendants accountable for their actions abroad, wholly outside the sovereign territory of the United States.
section][section] 959 and 963 do not substantively reach extraterritorial acts, challenging the constitutionality of these acts and the district court's subject-matter jurisdiction.
Esta breve resena tiene pretende exponer la que, en mi criterio, es la tesis central de la teoria de CHEHTMAN acerca de la fundamentacion de la justicia penal extraterritorial y, en particular, del ejercicio de la jurisdiccion universal frente a crimenes internacionales; en este apartado no atendere al orden expositivo de la obra, sino al que considero mas propicio para expresar su idea central.
of unilateral, extraterritorial law enforcement that data enables.
Under the presumption against extraterritoriality, "[w]hen a statute gives no clear indication of an extraterritorial application, it has none.
Tal es el peso que tienen hoy en la economia mundial que Shaxson afirma: "El sistema extraterritorial conecta al submundo criminal con la elite financiera, enlaza a los altos dirigentes de la diplomacia y los servicios de Inteligencia con las firmas multinacionales" y concluye: "El sistema extraterritorial es el modo de funcionamiento del poder en la actualidad".
In this regard, it is important to note businesses with international operations or connections will be subject to several different regimes as many countries now have legislation with extraterritorial effect to fight corruption.
Analyst, Salim Lamrani, said that the fine that the US could impose on the French bank for assisting nations such as Cuba, which are under US sanctions, would be a violation of international law, which does not allow for extraterritorial application of any particular law.
Courts largely resolve questions of extraterritorial scope using tools of statutory construction.
In the 2012 third annual Chaufontaine Group conference, young European lawyers, economists, and political scientists considered intangible technology transfer and the extraterritorial application of national laws as applied by certain states to intangible technology transfers, but not limited to intangibles.
Section 2 of the Revised Penal Code gives extraterritorial effect to the Code insofar as public officers and employees commit offenses therein in the exercise of their functions," she said.
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