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Synonyms for extrapolate

draw from specific cases for more general cases

gain knowledge of (an area not known or experienced) by extrapolating

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In order to make the best future use of the existing space on campus to new ordnenen or extrapolate. The plan is to expand to three classrooms, including associated collection facilities, open space for all-day activities, the reorganization of the administrative area, the development of adult education and to integrate the new music school.
To extrapolate that toll to gorillas elsewhere in the area, the scientists counted the nests that each gorilla makes every night.
From these contrasts you can extrapolate much of the historiographical anatomy you need to develop a historical understanding of architecture, such as the problems of authorship and attribution, the relationship between buildings and records, or the latent assumptions with which individual historians implicitly frame their studies.
The book is overflowing with fresh insights, recastings of old debates, new ways to extrapolate evidence, realignments of theoretical traditions, improved translations, etc.
While acknowledging that some animal tests, such as the Lethal Dose 50 Percent (LD50) and the Maximum Tolerated Dose (MTD), may yield results that are statistically invalid and difficult to extrapolate to humans, he nevertheless concludes, "Though imperfect, in most tests the mouse ramains the best model for man."
"With the computer we're able to extrapolate the data and get a better idea of what's going to happen."
Much of what we know about the health effects of PCBs comes from rodent studies, and current thinking in toxicology and risk analysis is based on the assumption that results in animal models will extrapolate to humans.
If we extrapolate and take into account inflation over the past three decades, a 1997 two bedroom apartment would rent for approximately $1,150 monthly, using the Mitchell Lama program or its equivalent.
When a biography claims some kind of interpretive value, another essential question is raised: to what extent does the biographer extrapolate the life from the work and then use this constructed life to explain the very work from which it was drawn?
"If one could extrapolate from the experience of offshore wind power, for which we have a bit more experience, the installation period is disruptive but nor damaging," says Rick Sellers, head of the Renewable Energy Unit of the International Energy Agency in Paris.
To be scrupulous, we should note that this exhibition--comprising fifty sculptures and installations spanning the period 1971 to the present (including twelve new pieces), plus well over three hours of film and video footage, plus two new sculptural events--was billed as a "comprehensive overview" rather than a "retrospective." Labeling aside, though, one might extrapolate from Good's essay to suggest that Signer's exceptionally consistent, focused oeuvre itself needs to be comprehended as a complex continuity--a single vast, cumulative work that challenges the concept of clock or calendar time and actualizes experience of temporality as quality, in a similar spirit to its parts.
"To extrapolate from this mouse model to human scleroderma is hard," he says.