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a restricted computer network

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Built on SharePoint Online, and leveraging the Office 365 external user authentication model, SP Extranet takes collaboration and sharing with external parties to new levels.
With MarketPrizm's new JPX Extranet status, we can help global market participants more easily access JPX's arrownet-Global platform.
Their direct access to our extranet will ensure they stay connected to Sederma's catalogue and news," said Olga Gracioso, Sederma's marketing and communication manager.
Posting tasks and research related to a matter on an extranet also can reduce the amount of duplicative work done by local counsel on a nationwide set of related litigations.
Connecting to TNS' Secure Trading Extranet is expected to allow DotEx to develop new relationships within India and outside its borders.
The implementation of Moss is part of DHCC's long-term strategy to use technology that spans intranet, extranet and internet applications to enhance collaboration and facilitate easy communication.
"The deciding factor for whether a company needs an intranet," according to founder John Nicklin, "depends not on how big the company is but how many people outside the organization they need to communicate with." He adds, "If a company has 50 employees who communicate with 500 clients, then they need a client extranet. Otherwise, instead of building community, you are just bouncing emails off your clients all day."
Staffordshire Police plans to re-launch its website, intranet and a number of stakeholder extranets following the signing of an agreement with Mediasurface for its Morello Police Site Pack.
But when, in 2004, the EMEA managers decided they needed an intranet and extranet, they faced a fundamental issue: Which model to adopt?
An extranet could transform this process, saving time and money on both sides of the transaction.
HOME BUILDER SOFTWARE TOOK A MAJOR STEP forward this past summer when HomeSphere announced it had released Web-based sales software and an extranet that integrates with its Builder 360 back-office accounting and construction management software.
An extranet is a private network that uses the internet to securely share part of a business's information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers, or other interested parties.
South Warwickshire Tourism (SWT), the tourism partnership responsible for marketing and visitor services within 'Shakespeare Country', is to launch a new extranet site to provide its 400 tourism members with essential online business information.
SOUTH Warwickshire Tourism (SWT) is to launch a new extranet site to provide its 400 tourism members with essential on-line business information.
Each of the new products are built on the Neoteris Instant Virtual Extranet 4.0 platform so that they can be used in extranet, intranet and remote access policy enforcement operations.