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unrelatedness by virtue of falling outside the matter at hand

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Concerning the ex president, Zakareya says he is deeply convinced that time and history will prove his innocence and extraneousness to widespread corruption and civilian killings during the revolution.
The feedback comes only at the end of the process, thus hindering the acknowledgement of the output of any intermediate phase and thus preventing people from giving their contribution to the improvement of organizational processes, producing on the other hand feelings of extraneousness and disengagement.
it's situated in a dimension defined by radical extraneousness and refusal.
Articulating Foucault's genealogical perspective on liberal governmentality with Agamben's enquiry it is possible to point out how, within the rhetoric of modernization, the production of exception is not exclusively nor simply connected to extraneousness, nor to allochthonous social identities.
158), Agamben speaks of the tourist as 'a figure whose "political" meaning is consubstantial with the prevailing governmental paradigm' on the basis of his 'irreducible extraneousness with regard to the world'.
12) The proverbial last straw in Andrew and Flo's relationship is, after all, not her cruel mistreatment of all of Leviathan's slaves, nor her imposition of destructive drug addiction on Andrew, nor even coercive sex per se, but rather sex that demonstrates Andrew's extraneousness as a man:
Most of the theories of Tom Bombadil's identity are covered by Jensen, but the theory of Bombadil as a projection of the reader is from Beier, and the unfriendly remarks about Bombadil's extraneousness come from Gasque (6).
Subsection (b)(3) of the Byrd rule provides an exception to the definition of extraneousness on the basis of committee jurisdiction for certain provisions reported by a committee, if they would be referred to that committee upon introduction as a separate measure.